Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Favorite View

Disney favorites - there's too many to count! Favorite resort, favorite food, favorite get the picture! When it comes to my favorite Disney views, there's no way to choose just one. From the entrance sign to the castle, any runDisney start line, Castaway Cay, the monorail, and amazing resort views, this list goes on and on! Today, I chose a few pictures of my favorite Disney views to share with you in this week's Wordless Wednesday!


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Focused on the Magic

What's your favorite Disney view?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What I Love/Hate About Summer Running

Summer running - it sounds dreadful but oddly refreshing at the same time. I have a love/hate relationship with running during the summer months as I refuse to use a treadmill unless absolutely necessary. As I began to make a list of my loves/hates with summer running, I honestly thought my list of dislikes would be longer than my list of likes, but it appears that isn't so!

Summer Running


-Endurance built up from running when it's difficult to breathe - I mean really...when cool fall weather hits, I feel like I can run super fast! Ok, maybe not but you know what I mean.

-Sweating - You know sometimes you just need to run and work up a good sweat? It feels oddly cleansing!

-Summer storm showers that make afternoon runs a little cooler - Ah yes, so refreshing. Getting caught in a shower during a hot run is fun, too (unless you have a baby with you...whoops).

-Running through sprinklers or jumping in a swimming pool after a nice, hot run - It's so very refreshing!

-That feeling of you just did something really hard core by going for a run in "feels like" temperatures of 100+ degrees. No, I don't recommend this.

-Longer daylight hours for late evening running.

Summer Running


-Heat. Yuck.

-Humidity. Double Yuck. Welcome to the south!

-Mosquitos - the official state bird of Louisiana (no, not just seems like it around here)

-That feeling after a hard run that you might unload all of your stomach contents on the side of the road - Yeah, gross.

As I mentioned before, I'm surprised that my dislike list isn't longer than it is! Maybe I really DO enjoy running in the summer? Maybe.

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