Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Princess Half Marathon Costume Reveal

I've been going back and forth in my mind for what seems like forever over my Princess half marathon costume ideas. Sad to say, sometimes the creative side of my brain doesn't quite kick in and fully function all of the way until the last minute has approached.

This past weekend, all of the pieces and parts finally came together to make my princess half marathon costume and I seriously love it! To me, it's practically perfect in every way! (Ok, I had to!)

The first place I always look to for costume ideas is Pinterest. Seriously, there's a world of inspiration out there on Pinterest, so if you're in a creative slump and don't have any ideas, check out Pinterest!

If you saw my "sneak peak" on instagram and guessed that Mary Poppins was the theme, you were (and are) correct!

In my initial brainstorming on this costume idea, I knew I somehow wanted to include the bird umbrella. (Y'all know me and my props!) Well, I knew I didn't want to run the half carrying a real umbrella (and I'm pretty sure that's not even allowed?). I couldn't think of anything to make a "fake" umbrella out of, either. It was during a run one evening when the inspiration hit me - what if I made the end of my GoPro the bird? Then my GoPro could act as the "umbrella"?! Genius.

While gathering supplies to create  this costume, I was so excited to see that I had most of them on hand, too! Score!

Mary Poppins Costume Supplies:
  • Black top hat (ordered from Amazon) and affixed to a black headband I already owned
  • Flowers (I had these white flowers already on hand - Mary's hat actually has daisies on it!)
  • Red berries for the hat (I made these out of pipe cleaners and red ribbon!)
  • White shirt (purchased from WalMart)
  •  Black Running Skirt (already owned) from
  • Red bow for shirt (purchased for $1 pre-made at Walmart!)
  • Red ribbon for "belt" around the bottom of the shirt
  • Felt and ribbon to make the bird (also already owned!)
  • Black compression sleeves from Legend Compression (already owned)
Putting this costume together literally took an entire Sunday because I also had to figure out how to hem a shirt on my own. I knew I waited until the VERY last minute and didn't want to put that on my mom, so I asked for her advice and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome!

Here's a closeup of the top hat. It did not come with the headband so I glued that one on myself. However, it did come with feathers and a bow that were already hot glued on, so my OCD self had to cover those glue marks with flowers!

Lastly, here's a closeup of the Mary Poppins bird. He is made entirely of felt (except the red ribbon). I used the outline of a bird I found online, cut out the outline with my silhouette machine on cardstock, then eyeballed and hand trimmed all of the rest of the pieces with scissors.

I also used hot glue to put it all together. He feels pretty secure, so here's hoping he stays on the bottom of the GoPro for 13.1 miles! We shall see what happens, I guess!

If you see me out there, please say hello! I'd love to meet you! :)

Happy running, Princesses! I hope all of your race dreams come true!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cold Weather Running Essentials (Southern Edition)

Cold weather (I mean really cold weather) and life down south don't really go hand in hand. Yes, we do have our cold (to us) days and our random and super rare snow days, but those are only a handful a winter. If there's one thing you CAN bet on with winter time in the south, it's this....

As runners, we have to learn how to deal with and adapt to all types of weather conditions - especially with traveling out of town or for a long run during one of those random really cold weather snaps. So, how does this Louisiana girl brave the cold? Here's my cold weather running essentials, southern edition!

#1 Appropriate attire

For me, this includes ear muffs, gloves, and layers!  Sometimes, it's even cold enough that I don't have to shed any of it, even during a half marathon!

This happened to be one of those super rare snow days I mentioned above - and it was my highest mileage weekend for Dopey Training! It actually snowed and the snow stuck for an additional day which I've never seen happen here!

#2 Throw away gear

This tip and tip number one go hand in hand! Raid your local stores at the end of winter for discount sweatshirts. I seriously have a bag stuffed with all different color sweatshirts from previous end of winter sales! They truly make a world of difference at the beginning of a race while standing around, waiting for the race to start. Once you warm up during the race, you can toss your sweatshirt to the side. Most race organizations pick these up to donate to those in need!

Speaking of adapting to crazy about the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend of 2010 where it sleeted mid half marathon and water stations were iced over for the full? Hello first half marathon! Thankfully, this newbie runner took the suggestion of a friend to snag a sweatshirt from Walmart literally hours before leaving for the trip! Also, I never shed any of my layers during this race and was super grateful for all of them!

#3 Treadmill

I've thought about selling it many times in the past, but it's a necessity for me. Although I'm not a fan of running on a treadmill, it definitely comes in handy sometimes, especially on super cold days!

#4 Hot Hands

Y'all, these things are life savers! You can find them in the sporting goods/hunting section of most stores and they work like a charm. They are single use packs and once exposed to air, they warm up really quickly. I use them even for races (like this past weekend in New Orleans) where it's just slightly chilly at the start and I toss them once I'm warm. If you haven't used them, seriously get some!

...and that's all I've got for now! Running in the winter months can be tricky to plan, especially because of the way the weather changes around here!

Switching topics - this weekend, y'all! We leave THIS WEEKEND for Disney World! I am so excited and cannot wait!

Stay tuned for a Princess Half Marathon costume reveal coming up tomorrow! I finally finished it last night and cannot wait to share it with all of you! Have a great Tuesday!

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