Friday, September 22, 2017

Dopey Challenge Training Week 14

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA
Saturday - 5 mile run
Sunday -
3 mile walk
Monday - 4 mile run
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - Squats/Lunges/PT with Cross Training
Friday & Saturday - Back to back run

This past week was a great one as far as workouts and mileage goes! 

Despite the fact that Brayden wasn't feeling well this past weekend, we HAD to get out of the house. After several stir-crazy days, we headed out for a late Saturday morning run. It wasn't what I'd planned as Friday and Saturday should have been my first back-to-back for Dopey, but it was better than nothing!

Dopey Challenge Training

Starting a run at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning probably wasn't my best idea ever heat-wise, but we made it work! :) 

Dopey Challenge Training

It was definitely a slower run, but I was having trouble breathing with the heat and humidity. Oh well. 

Dopey Challenge Training

By Sunday, Brayden was feeling MUCH better and really wanted to go outside, so we headed out for a 3 mile brisk walk.

Dopey Challenge Training

On Monday afternoon, Brayden and I set out for another run. After struggling through a heat index of 100+ degrees all summer, I've come to appreciate the value of the Bob. Not only can I carry my water along with me, it also has a place for my house key, gatorade, and any other necessities I might need along the way.

Dopey Challenge Training

This time however, I wasn't very prepared and I didn't bring enough water with me for a 4 mile run. Brayden had plenty of water, I did not.Whoops. 

A super sweet couple that passed me in their car saw me struggling along (it must have been written all over my face), so they turned around, went home, got a fresh cold bottle of water, and brought it back to me! I was SO shocked at their generosity and kindness! I still had about a mile to go until I was home so their timing was impeccable! I also don't believe that things like that "just happen". :) Nice people do still exist in this world!

Dopey Challenge Training

My goal for this run was to finish under 10 minute miles and I made it!

Dopey Challenge Training

On Wednesday afternoon, I was in desperate need of a run, so I headed out solo. While I missed having a spot for "everything", I also loved having the chance to run as fast as I wanted and not have to lug a stroller around! It felt amazing to simply run!

Dopey Challenge Training

Today and tomorrow, I have a make up back-to-back run. Here's hoping all goes as scheduled! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

Happy Wednesday! This week is halfway done and it's almost time for another weekend! For us here, that means another weekend closer to our next Disney Cruise!

Yes, I promise to stop harping on our canceled trip after this post, but I wanted to share the details of all that went into our cruise that was canceled by Disney Cruise Lines.

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

For starters, we were booked on the September 9 sailing of the Disney Fantasy, Eastern Caribbean itinerary. As Hurricane Irma grew closer and closer to the Caribbean islands, we all knew that some sort of change with our cruise was going to take place. There was no way we would be able to safely sail into the port of St. John or Tortola and my heart went out to all of the people of those islands. The devastation Hurricane Irma left in her wake was so incredibly sad to see.

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

At this point, my mind didn't begin to compute the possibility of a canceled cruise. I kept saying that I didn't care where we sailed - if we just got on the ship and sailed into nothingness for 7 days, I would be fine.

On Tuesday September 5 at 12:30 p.m., Disney Cruise Line released their first official statement regarding the storm and their upcoming sailings. In that statement, DCL mentioned both our sailing and the Disney Dream, saying both were still on as scheduled.

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

That evening around 7:30 p.m. however, another advisory was released, stating not only were the Fantasy and Dream cruises cancelled, but the current cruise ship out at sea would be returning to port 2 days early.

Was I sad? Yes. Did Disney Cruise Line try to make up for a decision that was completely out of their control? YES again. 

In that statement, they also graciously agreed to refund our trip by 100% and they offered us 25% off a future booking!

Considering the fact that I didn't have trip insurance...whoops...I was incredibly grateful for DCL. On top of the 100% refund, they also took the safety of their guest, cast members, and the ship into consideration. After hearing horror stories about things that happened with other cruise lines, I was definitely happy with the decision made by Disney (although not right at first).

When Disney Cancels Your Vacation

On top our cruise, we also had a one night stay booked at Caribbean Beach resort for the evening before our cruise. We planned to spend the day in Pandora and the evening at Food & Wine for dinner. Although I stayed on hold with Disney for a little over an hour, I was able to cancel my one night stay and receive a 100% refund on this as well, without penalty!

What about airfare? Well, Southwest was just as amazing. Since Orlando was in a high alert travel zone due to the hurricane, Southwest allowed us to change our itinerary over to new dates without any penalty at all, although our new projected dates cost about $300 more than we initially spent!

After scouring Jason's work schedule, we picked a new cruise date for October of this year and went with it (also WITH trip insurance this time)! We have a few friends sailing with us and we are so excited to share in our adventure with them!

Everything is booked as before minus Remy brunch (which we will try to book once we are on board the ship if possible).

I was excited about our original cruise for three reasons - Disney Fantasy, Halloween on the High Seas, and an Eastern itinerary - none of which I'd done on past cruises. I'm happy to say that our re-booked cruise has at least two of the three, although I'm not sure an Eastern itinerary will be doable for a long time and we will be on a Western itinerary for this sailing. We will continue to keep these guys in our thoughts and prayers.

So, despite the crazy situation, I feel as if Disney did everything in their power to take care of us and ensure our safety. Our 10th Anniversary cruise is still on, although not in the way we initially planned but that's ok with us!

Have you ever had to change travel plans due to a storm or event?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick Weekend

My did it go you might ask?

Well, it was mostly spent with a sick toddler and I felt so bad for him. My kid has never spiked anything more than a very low grade temp so on Thursday when he ran fever of 101+ degrees and was downright miserable, I knew something wasn't right. I evaluated and debated his symptoms all afternoon and came to the conclusion that his teeth were bothering him since rotating schedule of tylenol and motrin made a VERY cranky child almost back to his normal self.

On Friday morning, his temp was almost back to normal (in the 99 degree range), but my coworkers talked me into calling for a doctor appt, just to make sure all was ok before the weekend. Imagine my surprise at the appointment when they opened his mouth to check the back of his throat (HELLO why didn't I think of that) and it looked awful! When a quick swab to check for strep came back negative, it was determined that Brayden had contracted Hand, Food, and Mouth Disease and the only treatment is symptom management with things like tylenol, motrin, and cold foods/beverages. Say WHAT?! 

Seriously. My child goes to Mother's Day Out one day a week for 5 hours, mainly for child interaction and he somehow contracted this crazy disease. (Please note I'm not blaming our Mother's Day Out as it's a wonderful program and we love them!) Stuff like this just happens and can't be helped sometimes.

Friday night was miserable. He woke up at midnight and wouldn't fall back asleep. He was miserable and restless and just couldn't get comfortable. We went from his bed to the rocker to my bed to the couch, back to the rocker then finally back to his bed. He wanted to suck on his pacifier so bad, but every time he tried, he would scream.

The only thing that made him finally settle down was the Hot Dog Song. On repeat. For one hour. Did you know that an hour long video of the Hot Dog Song on repeat exists on YouTube? Well, it does. You're welcome.

At 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, he finally fell back to sleep. Usually, Jason and I would rotate and take turns with something like this, but Jason was working nights all weekend so he missed out on all of the fun!

Do you think I was up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning for my usual long run? Negative. I slept until 8:30 a.m. when Brayden woke up. Around 10:30, I decided that I couldn't sit in the house any longer so I headed out for my run. I only made 5 miles and totally didn't complete the scheduled back-to-back for Dopey's Challenge but oh well - there's always next weekend.

By the time I set out for the run, it was already 93 degrees and super hot outside. I wasn't sure how long I would be able to run, but when I hit 5 miles I knew I was done. Running on very little sleep is never a good idea for me. I called it quits and decided that 5 miles was better than nothing!

By Saturday evening, Brayden seemed to be feeling a little better, so we met up with my friend Kim for dinner. Yep, when you feel horrible and can't swallow real food, you get frozen yogurt for dinner! He ate it up!

Thankfully, Saturday night was peaceful for all of us! We went to church on Sunday morning, but I decided to hold him out of the nursery as I didn't want to be the reason another kid caught this awful virus. Instead, we sat in the hallway, listened to the service overhead, and ate goldfish. Whatever works, right?

By Sunday evening, he wanted to be outside again, so we went for a 3 mile brisk walk. The sunset was gorgeous and although it was back to being humid again, we had a great time!

Although it wasn't a glorious weekend nor was it spent the way I originally planned, I'm glad that Brayden seems to be feeling a little better although the rash from the HFM looks awful. Hopefully it clears up soon and he's back to normal in no time!

How was your weekend? If you have a kid, have they ever come down with HFMD?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dopey Challenge Training Week 13

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday -
Rest Day
Monday - 3 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Squats/Lunges/PT with Cross Training
Friday - 4 miles

This week has been another interesting one over here.

As you may know, Saturday's run was unplanned but went well minus the IT Band issue with both knees. Both knees were still bothering me the next day which really alarmed me as I don't want to walk down that road again. So, I decided keep my main focus on icing and foam rolling this week.

I also decided to take it easy with Monday and Tuesday's mileage. There are no pictures from either day, but I completed the mileage with my friend Melissa and her husband and we had a blast!

Thursday's run was nixed because Brayden ran fever all day and after I returned home from work, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch with him.

He also discovered a new "toy"...the button on the digital thermometer! This kid LOVES buttons and toys that make noise/light up!

After I put him down for the evening, I completed a Tone It Up arms/abs workout as well as my usual squats/lunges routine.

My parents also brought take out over for dinner on Thursday night and I thought the fortune was kind of unique!

Another yummy find from the week was this taco salad from a local Mexican restaurant. It was too much for me to eat in one sitting, so I saved the rest for lunch the following day!

The remainder of the week was spent trying to figure out when to reschedule our cruise and what excursions to take! No matter what happens, I know we will have an amazing time!

This week was kind of boring but given the fact that I technically wasn't even supposed to be here, I guess it went ok! I'm debating on what mileage to run for the weekend. If my IT Bands hold up, I might even try a back to back!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! Any fun plans?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ten Take 2

Ice, stretch, roll, squat, lunge, repeat...

That's what my week last week looked like. I was worried that I over did it with my left hamstring during the previous week's 6 miler because it bothered me all week.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. My running group was meeting up again for the first time in weeks and the temperatures out side were perfect. I technically wasn't even supposed to be here this weekend and wasn't planning a long run because I wanted to give my hamstring some rest while on our cruise. So....what to do?

Well, after going back and forth in my head, I decided that I would KT Tape my hamstring properly (for the first time) and go out to meet my running group. If I only made a few miles before stopping (because I'm trying not to overdo it), then so be it. There were no preconceived notions about distance or time in my head - I just wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh, cool air and our first cool front of the season!

The sunrise was just beginning as I reached town.

Also, we couldn't have asked for better weather! When I first started running, I was really cold and wondered if I should have worn a long sleeved top. It didn't take long for me to warm up, though.

This route was also one of my favorites - it led us down River Road where we truly had a chance to experience the gorgeous sunrise!

During Harvey, this area was impassible for a while due to high water and the signs still remain...

At this point, I was about 2 miles into my run and my hamstring felt AMAZING! I seriously couldn't believe it as I didn't think I'd even make it this far while running.

So, I kept on. The entire route around the river is almost 8 miles out and back which was perfect for me that morning!

At this point, both IT Bands were starting to bother me which is incredibly random. I think my socks were too thick and my shoe laces were tied too tight. It's incredibly random, but it happens sometimes. I decided that since I know how to deal with IT Band pain, I would continue to push on to finish at 10 miles. I said I wouldn't run a 2 digit run again until it was cooler outside and somewhere along the river, I decided that today was that day!

The last two miles turned into a run walk due to my IT bands which didn't make me very happy but that's ok!

In the end, I was still happy with the mileage for the day and incredibly amazed that my hamstring held up just fine. So, from here on out I'm going to ice, roll, stretch, and KT Tape my hamstring along with my physical therapy work and see what happens!

 Did you run this weekend? How was your run? Have the temps cooled down in your area?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Jamaica Me Crazy & College Football & Movies!

9/11 Remembered

9/11 - a day that will remain in the hearts and minds of Americans for eternity. It's hard to believe it's already been 16 years! Where were you? I was a sophomore in college, driving to class. I remember sitting in nutrition, unable to focus at all, looking at the world through completely different eyes. What a sad sad day. Let us never forget.

For a weekend that was supposed to be spent out at sea that wasn't, it actually turned out to be a pretty decent weekend!

On Thursday afternoon after work, Jason and I were invited to the annual American Cancer Society's Jamaica Me Crazy event. We didn't have tickets initially since we weren't supposed to be in town, so being invited at the last minute was a fun surprise! This would have been my first event to miss in years so I was happy it all worked out!

Jamaica Me Crazy

Totally nerd alert here - but I was so excited to see that the colors used at this year's event were my wedding colors (teal and pink)!

Jamaica Me Crazy

When you can't physically be out in the Caribbean on a cruise ship as planned, you take out some of your pre-packed dress clothing and attend a Caribbean themed event instead!

Jamaica Me Crazy

The food was AMAZING as always.

Jamaica Me Crazy

So was the dessert! YUM!

Jamaica Me Crazy

It was so much fun spending the evening with my friends and parents! Can't wait for next year!

Jamaica Me Crazy

On Saturday morning, I woke up to amazing weather and headed out for a long run. I'll share more on my long run in a later post this week!

Mickey Waffles

After the run, Jason and I made breakfast.

Again, I'm sure you can see a theme here...we pretty much decided to do as many Disney-like things we could this weekend!

Mickey Waffles At Home

This turned into more of a "brunch" since we were eating closer to 11 p.m.

Jason's parents were also gracious enough to watch Brayden for part of the day, since they were supposed to have him anyway! 

Movie Night

One of the things we were saving for the cruise ship was movie watching. We didn't go see Guardians, Cars 3, or Spider-Man in theaters with hopes they would be available on the ship. Well, we decided to Red Box Guardians 2 and watch with our surround sound that we hardly ever get to use! We also blacked out as many windows as possible and loaded up on the snacks! No, we didn't eat ALL of that in one sitting! (I bought the Ghirardelli chocolates because they reminded me of Disney Springs and the Pineapple Fanta reminded me of Club Cool in Epcot!) 

McNeese Cowboys

After the movie, we met up with Jason's parent's in town and picked up Brayden for his first football game of the season! Our hometown college team is the Cowboys, so Brayden was decked out in Wranglers and Cowboy boots! :)

McNeese Cowboys

He did REALLY well for the first part of the game but started getting restless closer to half time. Our team was winning, so after half time and watching the band, we decided to leave. (They ended up winning in the end!)

Brayden Paul

On Sunday morning, we went to church and had lunch afterwards with my parents.

Brayden fell asleep on the way home and he seems to transfer really well from the car seat into his once he was sound asleep, I began the fall decorating process! I was going to wait until we returned home from the cruise but since that didn't happen, I decided with the gorgeous weather all weekend, I might as well!

Fall Decorating

Fall is one of my favorite times of year!

We spent the remainder of the evening in the pool! Perfect end to a great weekend!

For the record, my comments about a cancelled cruise are seriously tongue in cheek. I know Disney made the right decision and I'm not upset at all. Yes, I'm sad we didn't get to go on our cruise for now, but I feel worse for the people on those poor islands who had their homes destroyed by Hurricane Irma. 

So there you have it - for a weekend that started off with cancelled plans and ended with a lot of fun, I'd say it was a success!

How was your weekend? Any fun plans?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Dopey Traning Week 12 Recap

Happy Friday once again! Theoretically, I should be in Walt Disney World today, exploring the world of Pandora and enjoying the Food & Wine festival. Sadly, Hurricane Irma threw off our plans and I'm stuck at home. Whomp whomp. 

How did week 12 of Dopey Challenge training go? Let's take a look!

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday -
Rest Day
Monday - Squats/Lunges/PT
Tuesday - 2 mile run
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Squats/Lunges/PT with Cross Training
Friday - Unplanned Rest Day (to hopefully help the leg chill out)

On Saturday morning, I woke up early due to a full day of plans and headed out the door for a 6 mile run. I attempted to KT tape my hamstring and although I did a wonky job, I feel like it did help a bit!

Six Mile Run

This was a 6 mile run and the weather felt fantastic! I am so excited to have a reprieve from these 100+ degree temps! The run went ok and my hamstring didn't start to feel tight until about mile 5. I think a better application of KT Tape next time (now that I know what I'm doing) will help tremendously.

After staying cooped up in the house on Monday, we decided to go for a quick 2 mile run on Tuesday night before dinner. I couldn't stand the Hurricane Irma talk anymore and needed to just get out!

Brayden Paul

After we returned home from our run, I found out that our cruise had officially been cancelled. Again, cue the whomp whomp. I am super thankful to Disney for keeping our safety a #1 priority and I do feel for those poor people on the islands. The pictures I've seen from various places since the storm passed through are heartbreaking.

Brayden Paul

Brayden on the other hand didn't have a worry in the world about his mom and dad's cancelled cruise. He was OUT!

Last night, I decided to combine a total body cross training session with my PT routine. I chose a daily workout from the Tone It Up website and added several rounds of squats and lunges on my own. I know I'm going to be sore today!

I've decided to take Friday off to give my leg a little more time to chill out. Hopefully it'll be ok for Saturday's run. A cool front is passing through this weekend and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Hurricane Irma

Last but not least, here's a little stupid humor for you on this Friday! I know it's not a funny situation, but having been through multiple hurricanes in the past, I know a little humor does the mind some good. :)

Have a great weekend! Praying for everyone in Irma's path - stay safe, y'all!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Three Things Thursday...Again!

Today is Thursday and that means another day of rambling thoughts, because that's just how my life seems to be going here lately.

Have I mentioned before how much I hate hurricane season? Everyone here in the south is always on edge and on their toes, just in case. It makes the traveling process tricky, because you seriously never know. Some years might bring along zero hurricanes and others might bring along several back to back hurricanes.

Cancelled Disney Cruise

 Hurricane Irma

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, my cruise has officially been cancelled by Disney Cruise Line. Yes, we were scheduled to be on one of the three sailings that were cancelled. When we received the news on Tuesday night, we immediately began looking online for another cruise date and spent several hours doing so, trying to work with work schedules and off time. I'm not mad that the cruise has been cancelled AT ALL as I appreciate Disney looking out for everyone's safety. Our cruise was supposed to be an Eastern itinerary and have you seen the devastation on some of those islands after Irma passed through? It's insane. On top of everything, we have received a full refund from everyone and everything we booked (except airfare) and are receiving a 25% credit off a future cruise booking with Disney. Since I'm fully packed and honestly would like to stay that way, we are looking at an October or November cruise date instead. The devastation that Irma is causing on these islands is mind blowing. I feel so bad for everyone because I know a huge chunk of their income is travel related. Definitely keeping them and Florida in my prayers.

Southwest Airlines

So I mentioned that I was able to receive a full refund on everything except airfare, but I have a cool story with this one, too. As we sorted through possible dates and plans, I also searched for the price of airfare on our projected dates. A lot of families on our sailing received a credit from Southwest which is what I was anticipating as well. After choosing the October date, I realized that with a credit, we would still have had to pay an additional $300 to fly the October dates (due to the higher price of these specific October flights). Southwest has been great through this whole ordeal and online, I was actually able to choose my current flight and change my round trip flight from September to the October dates without any extra penalty. They honored my original booking price for September! I've always enjoyed flying with Southwest and will definitely continue to do so every time I'm able!

Madalynn The Cocker


If you've been following my Madalynn saga, you know that she gave us a big scare last week when her vet discovered a lesion on her hard palate. The lesion was removed and sent off for biopsy to determine exactly what was going on. Her vet and I then discussed possible treatment options if it was cancer which ranged from another surgery to radiation, both of which were probably impossible due to the location. Well as of yesterday, I hadn't heard back from the vet and since I'd already had some bad news, I figured why not. Within a few minutes, the vet returned my call and I seriously couldn't believe my ears. Y'all. It's NOT CANCER! Somehow, she must have chewed on something which caused a foreign body to get stuck in her palate and her body had an inflammatory response which caused the ulcerated like lesion to form! OMG. I could NOT believe my ears. I had to get her to repeat herself because I was floored.

So as you can see, it's been a roller coaster of a week. I also haven't had a chance to read and commend on blogs as much as I'd like this week due to our serious scramble to change plans last minute, but I'll get back to that today and tomorrow for sure!  Oddly enough, I am grateful for the ups and downs of life as it causes us to be more grateful for the things we have and the relationships we have in our lives!

Have you ever had to change travel plans due to the weather or a storm of some sort?

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