Friday, May 7, 2021

5th Birthday Party - Maui Themed (From Moana)

This past April, Brayden celebrated his golden birthday (he turned 5 on the 5th). After a lot of back and forth on discussing a theme, what we wanted to do, etc, he finally decided on a Maui (from Moana) theme with a water slide at our house. He recently discovered the song "You're Welcome" and's all history from there!

Let me first start off saying that I was thrilled with the theme he chose because I love Hawaii! In order to make this less focused on "Moana" and more on Maui/Hawaii, the decor drifted more towards palm leaves, the ocean, and a little Maui character I found on Etsy. I was seriously thrilled with the way it all came together. 

As far as colors go, you can see the ones we worked with above (yellow, teal blue, orange, green, and gold for the golden birthday year). Also to note, my options were sort of limited this year because our Hobby Lobby still remains closed from the damage it took during Hurricane Laura. I did make one trip out of town to visit Hobby Lobby, but it's about an hour away so visiting frequently was out of the option. I think the whole party came together pretty well considering the resources I had available to use!

For the entry way, I made a little welcome sing from a white surfboard looking object I found at Dollar Tree. It was supposed to be used for laundry room decor and served as a decorative ironing board sign but I repurposed it as a surf board! Hah!

Thankfully, our Target and Party City were open this year, so that helped a ton! The table cloth you see here as well as the leaf banner across the front were all on clearance at Target so I snagged up what they had!

This cake was an idea from Pinterest and my usual cake lady ran with it. The figurines on top of the cake were from JC Penney (that's all I could find and I think I literally got the last one) and I let Brayden pick out his candle. Most recently, his favorite color is blue! :) 

The cookies were delicious as always and made by a friend of mine. I think she did a decent job! 

The entry way table had a couple of photos, some balloons, and the treat bags for his friends. The treat bags included a mini sand/bucket set to play with at the beach, a few pieces of candy, a lei, and a small beach ball. I found all of those items at Party City, too.

We had shirts made that I thought were pretty funny! Jason's says "just your ordinary Demi-Dad" and mine says "Today got me feeling like Hei-Hei". They turned out so cute!

For food, we decided to go with pizza and finger foods this year. Due to COVID, we wanted to encourage everyone to stay outside as much as possible and be able to grab and go quickly.

Y'all know I love a good "themed" food, so I made place cards with names!
Life preservers = gummy life savers
Coconuts = whoppers
Bamboo = pirouette cookies

I purchased a pineapple but wasn't sure how to cut it, so I left it as a decor item! :)

I thought the idea behind "fish and chips" was cute. The taffy in front was another Pinterest idea - it's key lime flavored with white/green swirl (aka, the Heart of TeFiti)!

The trays I used under a lot of these dishes came from Party City. They are actually supposed to be "chargers", but this worked perfectly!

There was also plenty of salty sea water....I mean hand sanitizer around the house!

As far as beverages go, we had water in bottles, sweet tea, and juice pouches.

Brayden picked out his favorite juice pouch and I love how it worked with the theme! Didn't even do that on purpose!

We also had a coffee bar set up for the adult party guests.

One of my favorite mini-details was the coffee cups. They came from Party City as well! 

For creamer options, we had plain creamer, almond milk, and funfetti coffee mate. The coffee mate was a big hit! I really like the funfetti flavor, too.

Moving outside, we had our Alexa devices connected so party music could be heard throughout the house/outdoors.

The water slide was HUGE (I misjudged the size). It was a giant volcano though, and totally fit with the overall theme!

Finding a piƱata to fit this theme that wasn't an astronomical price was rather difficult. Finally though, I found a cute palm tree (on postmark of all places) and added a 5/Maui decal to the front once it came in.

The pinata was "legit" and came from Mexico so it was incredibly hard to break. I finally had to rip it in half! 

The kids had so much fun on the slide!!

We also invited Brayden's little class at his school and out of 12 total kids, five of them were there! (We missed one before she left.) He was SO excited to have his friends join us for the party!

Brayden had SO MUCH FUN at his party and is still talking about it! 

He was so worn out, he fell asleep outside! Shortly before this, he butted heads on the slide with one of his little friends and it wasn't fully convinced that his jaw was ok. After a nap and a little Tylenol though, he woke up feeling fine! I felt so bad for him, but it didn't totally ruin the day! He still had a blast playing with all of his friends!

By the end of the evening, all of the party decor had been taken down and we joked that Brayden looked like a balloon CM at Walt Disney World! :) 

Speaking of balloons, these were all ordered off of Amazon. The palm trees and pineapples also came in a package with pink flamingos. Those poor pineapples would not stand up straight! I had to tape them to the palm trees because otherwise, they literally stayed upside-down. So if you happen to come across a similar package, just know you'll have to finagle the pineapples to make them cooperate!

Anyway, that's a wrap on Brayden's 5th and golden birthday Maui themed party. To me, it was the most fun one yet because he truly got to play, see his friends/family, and enjoy his time at his party. Seeing the light in Brayden's eyes when he talks about how much fun he had makes it all worth it!!

Thanks for continuing to join us on all of our Disney/family/party adventures! I have a few days remaining in our February recap plus a 5 year old update coming for you soon! Have a magical weekend!!

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