Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYC & Canada Day #8: Back in New York

NYC & Canada Day #7: Final At Sea Day
NYC & Canada Day #6: Saint John, New Brunswick

NYC & Canada Day #5: Halifax, Canada
NYC & Canada Day #4: First At Sea Day
NYC & Canada Day #3: Boarding the Disney Magic
NYC & Canada Day #2: Wicked!!
NYC & Canada Day #2: New York Yankees

NYC & Canada Day #1: Exploring New York

When I last left off, we were finishing up our last At Sea Day on board the Disney Magic and were headed back to port in New York.

While doing  research on this trip, I was told time and time again, make sure you wake up early enough on your return day to see the bridge/statue lit up at night.

At 4 a.m…..YES, 4 a.m., I dragged myself out of bed and waited on the verandah for the landmarks to pass by. I was not disappointed!


The bridge and the Statue were breathtaking!


I couldn’t get a really clear picture of the statue but it really was gorgeous! I went up on deck (in my pajamas…klassy) to see the statue and not many people were out and about. I wasn’t surprised, it was 4 a.m. after all!


I love the New York Skyline at night!


We were sad to say goodbye to the Magic. :0(

After breakfast, we waited on our color tags to be called, then we began the process of searching for our luggage. Customs was really quick to pass through, then we approached this….


…..the taxi line. With NO taxi’s in sight.

The suggestion was given that we walk back to our hotel (yes, once again pulling our luggage behind us)….and I’m always up for walking….so off we went!

By the time we reached our hotel, I was drenched and my arms were killing me. Yuck.

We decided to book a double decker bus tour so after putting our luggage in our room and changing clothes, we were off! (We booked the 48 hour package which included unlimited rides of the Uptown/Downtown/and Night tours.)


I loved this thing! Seriously, if you are taking a trip to NY and want to see all of the city in a short amount of time, a bus tour is the way to go!


Our first stop was at the largest Macy’s in the world!


This place is freakin massive.


The old escalator kind of freaked me out a little….


They even have a McDonald’s, a Starbucks on every floor, and several other food establishments inside! It’s crazy!


This was my view on the escalator as we approached the 8th floor. I could hear the angel choir singing!!!


I was in heaven! I may have bought an ornament or two…

After Macy’s we decided to stop at the Empire State Building.



My husband is such a goofball!


It took a LONG time to get up to the Observation Deck – at least an hour even though the sign said 15 minutes. We first waited in line for an elevator that took us up most of the way, then we got off the elevator on a deck that was set up to show how the building was built, the price, etc. After looking around that floor, we waited in another line, then boarded another elevator for the top. There might have even been another elevator thrown in there somewhere….but like I said, it took a full hour.


Finally made it!


The view was incredible!


I spy the Magic!


This place is incredible.



Just to show you how big Macy’s is….see that red sign in the left corner? That’s where Macy’s starts! Crazy!

We stayed at the observation deck for about 45 minutes, then we decided we were hungry for lunch!


We found a hole in the wall pizza joint (those are the best anyway!) and we absolutely loved it!


We hopped back on the bus and completed our Downtown Tour….(that’s what’s nice about the busses – you can pick up right back where you started on your own time.)


Tall buildings everywhere!


I thought this building looked neat!


Really? A McDonalds that delivers?




We returned to Times Square to check out Broadway tickets at TKTS. We wanted to see Phantom, had not yet purchased tickets……and we were in luck! Tickets were still available! Yay!


We changed clothes at our hotel, then snagged a cab for the Majestic Theater.


The longest running Broadway production of all time! Pretty neat!


I do have to say (and I’m sad to say this), Wicked was WAY more polished to me than Phantom. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Phantom, but it is (by far) not the best Broadway production I’ve seen. I did like it but I would recommend Wicked over Phantom any day. I guess it all depends on your style, too!

My favorites in order: #1: Wicked; #2: Les Miserables; #3: Phantom and Lion King are tied.


After Phantom, we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s, then attempted to walk over to Ellen’s Stardust for dessert. We were too late – they were closing. Here’s where a REALLY small world story comes into play – the guy who met us at the door at Ellen’s (he worked there) recognized Jason! We were all the way in New York from Louisiana and someone recognized my husband!! Apparently they were in college at the same time (separate colleges) and they were both in the same fraternity – which means they didn’t even see each other often! Crazy, right?

Up next: World Trade Center and our final day in New York

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Just to catch up from the really long weekend (is it Monday already?)….

I ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day! Check out the recap on Claim Your Journey.


Also, my friends and I shopped until we dropped (literally) on Black Friday! We pulled our first Black Friday All-Nighter!


Check out Vitacost’s huge Cyber Weekend sale! Don’t miss out! It ends tonight!

large (11)

Also, I ran an 18 mile training run on Saturday which I’ll have more about later.

Have a fabulous Monday and a wonderful week! :0)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Weekend

Two posts in one day? Oh my!  Well, I have  a special reason!

Don’t want to brave the crowds? Now you don’t have to!

large (11)

Vitacost.com is hosting a HUGE Cyber Sale which includes 15% off of EVERYTHING!!

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Who can pass up an offer like that?
The sale begins today (11/24/12) and runs until Monday (11/26/12) at midnight!

Happy Cyber Weekend!! :0)

All-Nighter? Let’s Do This!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed being with my family and friends! :0) At first, we weren’t sure if my brother would be able to be with us related to a work issue, but he got off work in time and was able to make it!

After dinner, Kayla, Kim, and I had a hard time deciding what to do. We have Black Friday shopped together for as long as I can remember but this year, stores were opening early on Thanksgiving Day and that threw us for a loop! Personally, I don’t like stores to open on Thanksgiving day at all because I think everyone deserves to be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families but ah well, what can I say?

After debating back and forth for a while, we decided to begin our journey at midnight. (I think all the turkey made us slightly insane.) I’m NOT one to pull an all-nighter at all, but Kim and I decided it was a good way to start off our 30’s with a bang! Hehe!


It’s midnight! Let’s do this!


Our first stop was the mall….where we ended up in a line like this at Kohls! We stood for a good hour waiting to check out. MADNESS, I tell you!


Thankfully, Kayla was our savior! Yay COFFEE!

We spent all of the early hours of the morning at our mall, shopping around at the various stores that were brave enough to open that late (or early?).  We stopped at Bath and Body Works, Claire’s, Icing, Hallmark (when they opened), and American Eagle.


I had to snap a picture of the line of people waiting for JCPenny to open. Keep in mind, this was 3:30 a.m. and JCPenny didn’t open until 6 a.m.!

This year marked the end of an era for me. For the past 12 years, JCPenny has given away mini Disney snow globes at their doors every Black Friday. I started collecting these snow globes the year they started – 2000, I was just a senior in high school! Since that year, I have SO many fun memories of Black Friday snow globe trips! One year, we spent Thanksgiving in Dallas, TX and my dad took me to a local JCPenny where we stood outside in the cold waiting on JCPenny to open (I have an awesome dad, don’t I?). The year Jason and I started dating, he accompanied me on a Black Friday trip where we started at JCPenny for a snow globe.  I’m definitely appreciative for the free snow globes from JCPenny, but I’m sad at the same time. I loved my little tradition and I’m really sad its over!


Ah well….at least I can say I have the entire set!


Around 7 a.m., we decided that we were done. We spent our entire night at the mall and were able to cross A LOT of people off our Christmas lists! Yay! Mission Accomplished!

Even though we didn’t hit as many stores this year as we have in the past, we still had a great time and as always, I will look forward to Black Friday shopping next year!


Us with our purchases! We had a packed car!

How was your Black Friday? Did you brave the stores all night? Did you start early on Friday morning? Or are you an online shopper from the comfort of your home instead?

Which ever way you shopped (or didn’t shop at all!) I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday and a successful Black Friday! :0)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what my holiday has consisted of so far:


I was supposed to bake a pecan pie but a homemade pie was given to me instead! Score!


Time to get baking!


Whoops….I forgot the toast in the oven….I was too busy mixing ingredients for the pumpkin bread! Oh well.


Busy baking away!


Our Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition – Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls! Yum!!



Even though they didn’t rise like I wanted them too, they still tasted yummy and made the house smell good! :0)


What a mess!

This morning, I met my running group for a Turkey Trot! We had a great time!


  I ran four miles with Kelli!


I also snagged three of the last sale papers at the gas station! I woke up at 5 a.m. and was there by 5:15 a.m.! Sheesh! People get crazy about this stuff!! We haven’t made out our game plan yet. We are still trying to decide if we want to tackle the stores at midnight or wait until 5 a.m.

Which reminds me….


True story!

Now, I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while waiting for our 1st Thanksgiving meal with my husband’s family followed by dinner tonight at my family’s house! 

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!

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