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NYC & Canada Day #7: Final At Sea Day

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Our last at sea day arrived before I knew it! Our cruise flew by SO fast!

I woke up bright and early for another 6 mile run out on the promenade deck. I did attempt to run on a treadmill but I almost fell off (the boat was moving and it was SO strange!) so I moved myself back to the promenade deck!

After breakfast, we met up with Jason’s parents for another Art of Entertaining demonstration.


This time, dessert!



Chocolate soufflé! It was yummy!


Lunch was served in Parrot Cay and I was incredibly surprised to see CRAWFISH on the buffet!



DSC_1301 DSC_1303

I also tried Mussels for the first time….

 DSC_1311 DSC_1309 

The texture was so strange….really mushy and….yeah….odd. I don’t think I will try them again.


After lunch, Jason and I joined in a friendly game of Disney Trivia. HARD Disney Trivia! On our way to the adult area, a cast member gave me two pins for my birthday! I thought that was really nice!

We met up with two DisBoards friends (which was really odd and random) and they joined our team. We had a GREAT time talking with them and I was really sad I met them on our last day instead of our first!


Once Trivia was over, Jason met his parents in the theater to watch the Avengers in 3D while I joined the “Art of the Theme Ship Tour”. If you haven’t taken this tour, I HIGHLY recommend it!! I loved it and LOVED learning more about the ship! It was fabulous and so was our tour guide! (And surprise surprise….our DisBoards friends were on the tour, too! Yay!)


We even got to go into the huge “private” Palo room!



Our guide also showed us the “birthmark” of the Disney Magic – where both parts of the ship were put together. She informed us that the Disney Wonder has a “tattoo” because it was put together all at once (not in two parts) but because it’s a sister ship, it has the same exact markings as the Magic! Pretty neat!


On the final part of our tour, we were in the lobby and I looked up and saw Pluto as he approached this guide dog. He held up his hand for a high five and the guide dog sat down. It was the most precious thing I ever saw!! Who says pets can’t enjoy a Disney cruise, too? :0)



DSC_1348 DSC_1351

I found Pluto wandering the halls, too!


….and these lifeboats were undergoing repair, so I got to take a sneak peak inside! Pretty cool! Hope I never have to use them…just sayin! :0)

I wandered around the ship for a few more minutes, then I joined my husband and his parents in the movie theater.


Our final dinner was in Lumiere’s….Until We Meet Again.


Flaming Baked Alaska!


Our awesome wait staff!


We loved them!!

After dinner, we watched Disney Dreams in the Walt Disney Theater and (of course), I cried like a baby!! What an amazing show!!


During the final farewell in the lobby, we found Donald Duck and voted him as the #1 duck of the sea!


Saying Goodbye….Until we Meet Again!

(My app won’t let me embed the video, so there’s the link!)


Jason also said goodbye to his new friend Micah!

We enjoyed the final night’s activities in the adult area (and it just so happened our new DisBoards friends were in there too!), then we fell into an exhausted sleep (in our room, of course – not in the adult area). :0)

DSC_1433 DSC_1451

So sad to say goodbye….but looking forward to a few additional days in the Big Apple!

Up next: Back in New York!


  1. what a great trip! I think this one would be so much fun because theres a lot of different things to do! (: plus its always fun being a kid!

  2. we did the ship tour this past time on the magic and I thought it was so interesting! Why havent I done this before?!? Love the dog photo so cute!


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