Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Navy Dresses Sample & Share

Here’s yet another fun shopping experience brought to you by Crowdtap and Old Navy!

I recently received the opportunity take part in an Old Navy Sample and Share through a company called Crowdtap!

I’ve had the privilege of hosting two other Sample and Share opportunities in the past – a Layering Tees Party and a Bottoms Bonanza!

This sample in particular was for dresses! (Score!) I called up my friend Kenzie (who participated in the Bottoms Bonanza with me) and she was all in, of course!


Dresses galore!

IMG_0766 IMG_0767

We filled our arms up with goodies and tried on lots of different dresses. I tend to migrate to black/blue (a super bad habit of mine)….oh well.


Decisions decisions!!

IMG_0775  IMG_0778

See what I mean about black? Must…stop….that….habit!

IMG_0779 IMG_0780

The shoes from our church outfits matched our new dresses so well! :0)

 IMG_0782  IMG_0784  

I also tried this hot pink dress on just to see how it would fit (getting out of my blue/black comfort zone!). It was REALLY bright and Kenzie suggested that I add a jean jacket. The jacket made a huge difference in helping to tone down the brightness of the dress! It’s amazing what extra accessories can do! :0)

In the end, I chose the blue dress with the green belt (see above) and Kenzie chose the black/white striped dress with the black belt (see above). She also bought the red dress for her Christmas pictures! Yay!


We left Old Navy with more than just dresses from the Sample and Share! There were several Activewear pieces on clearance and I couldn’t resist! I also bought a Texas Rangers tee on clearance for super cheap! Yay!

I had a blast shopping with Kenzie and trying on new dresses! I’m looking forward to wearing my blue dress soon!

Want to partake in all the fun?


Join me on Crowdtap!!


  1. what a great opportunity! I just loveeeee shopping! I love that pink dress with the jean jacket over top. you are right without the jacket its like pow in your face! I always tend to lean towards blacks/greys/whites/purples when I shop haha. Its like the only thing in my closet haha.


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