Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I'm back...last Sunday at this time, we were flying back into the New Orleans airport from Orlando. I'm so sad the trip had to end and we had a GREAT time with my parents!!!!

I ran 2 times at Disney....

The first time, I woke up at 5 a.m. and found the fitness center (after 20 minutes of searching for it) which means I ran out of I only got 2.5 miles in on the treadmill and I rode the bike some....

The next time I ran, we had a later day and I was able to run outside on the jogging path. It was SO beautiful and peaceful! I saw lots of bunnies and I even saw 2 deer! They were SO close to me and they didn't run or freak out on me at all! I got in 3 miles that day and I took lots of pictures!

My dad also wore a pedometer in the parks and one day it registered that we had walked 9.5 miles! Wow! We also had days with like 7 miles, 4 miles, etc. I couldn't believe 9.5 miles, though!!!

I felt like I had gotten off track but then I picked it up again last week and it's almost like I never missed a day! I wasn't too much back on track, though! lol! I skipped Monday AND Tuesday's runs (BAD KAREN) but I ran 4 miles on Thursday and it went really well!

Then yesterday, I ran 8 miles. It was hot and humid (WHERE is fall weather?!?!)! This 8 miles wasn't as easy as the last time I did 8 miles (that time it was rainy and felt cooler outside). I only had like 5 hours of sleep and I started hurting around the 5th mile so I wasn't as pleased with this run as I have been in the past. I did finish in my normal time though. I think my main problem is that I didn't have anyone to pace myself with...I was mostly on my own and when I do that, I run faster so I think I just ran too fast for too long and it tired me out too much. Oh well...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 Rainy Miles!!!

WHEW I'm whooped! I did 8 miles this morning in the RAIN!!! lol! The brim of my hat was SOAKED but I still had fun! It was only like a light misty rain for a long time then about mile 4 or 5, it picked up and was pretty steady. It wasn't a pouring rain but I was still soaked by the time it was all said and done! I didn't mind it though cause it kept me fairly cooled off! I'm just a mess now!! lol!

I averaged about an 11:45 mile! I ran most of it and it felt good!!!

Around mile 3.5, I did a few GU Chomps (that little bag has lasted me forever...probably cause I'm not taking them right)...didn't realize until yesterday you are supposed to eat 4 at a time and I've usually just been eating 2! At mile 6, I did a GU Gel...Triple Berry or something like that. It was REALLY good!

So up until today, the furthest I had run at one time was 6 miles! This was a really good accomplishment for me and made me feel good! Just 5 more miles and you've got a half!!!

As I was running, I saw a CHETAH PRINT PURPLE skirt run past me! I sped up to catch up and I said "No Way! Are you wearing a running skirt?!?!" She WAS and so we chatted about the great people over there for a few and then we both went on our own ways! It was too cool! I haven't been wearing my skirts out there lately because no one else wears them but now I'm going to start!! :0)

I forgot to mention, I got out on Wednesday and did a few intervals...I was supposed to run Tuesday but I was lazy and didn't! I usually don't run on Wednesdays because of church but I felt bad about not having run on Tuesday so I got out there and ran! I did a total of 3 miles although that wasn't my goal.

I ran easy for 10 minutes
Then sprinted for 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds, sprinted 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds, etc. for 15 minutes
Then ran easy again for another 10 minutes

WHEW I was BEAT when I was finished!!!! lol! AND I was sore on FRIDAY to top it off! lol!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention my other birthday gift. A few weeks before my birthday, I told Jason that I wanted an "In Training for Disney 2010" shirt from the disney store. They had them in stock at the time. Well, when he went to order it, there were no more in stock. So he spent all night at work searching the for this shirt! He couldn't find it! So he e-mailed Disney and they told him to keep checking back. He did and the following week, they had more out! He's so sweet!

WE LEAVE FOR OUR DISNEY VACATION TOMORROW!! I'm looking forward to running the trails of the Wilderness Lodge!!!!! We are staying there (WL) for a week! I'm looking forward to the vacation too of course! lol!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love it?

Why do I love running?

I love the feeling you get when you've pushed your body beyond what you thought humanly possible.
I love being alone, just me and my thoughts. No distractions, no aggrivations, just me in my own little world.
I love running skirts..I think they are cute.
I love to hear the pounding of feet on the ground. Makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself!
I love to feel my heart beating, sweating (even though its gross), and deep breathing.
I love the feeling of accomplishment, the sense of wellbeing.
I love meeting with others who enjoy running, too.
I love waking up early and greeting the dawn with a nice long run. Those only happen on Saturdays though.
I love that I'm doing something good for myself.
I just love to run.


Jason got me a little present for my birthday....I wore then for a full run for the first time yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!!! Great job, Jason! :0)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nodule? No way!

Needless to say, the last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me!

I ran 4 miles on Tuesday, by the way...forgot to add that one in there! lol!

Anyway, with my breathing problems, I had a Doctor's appointment on Wednesday to check it all out. He ordered a Chest XRay just to make sure all was well. He then told me it all looked clear, no problems. Well, he's not a radiologist so when the actual radiologist read it, she found a small pulmonary (lung) nodule on my left side where the lung meets the diaphragm. My Dr. called the report to me Thursday afternoon and boy did I FREAK! Working around cancer, you don't take that kind of news well! HE then told me that they wanted me to have a CT Scan of my chest just to be sure. I cried and prayed and freaked and cried some more and prayed a lot. I spoke God's Word over my life and my body, I had my mother in law pray with me....I think I cried more in those two days then I have in my life! Thankfully I have amazing friends who care about me. Kim came and picked me up and brought me to the movies with her! lol! We went to see Post Grad and I was able to get my certain impending doom off my mind for a little while. I kept thinking, "GOD I haven't had any kids yet and I HAVE TO RUN THIS MARATHON in January no questions asked!" I cannot have cancer!!!!! I prayed that if there was something there on my lung, that it would be EASILY fixed and not cause me any troubles in the future. Before the movie started, I felt a peace wash over me and I told Kim I was going to be ok. I just knew deep down that whatever was wrong with me was just going to go away and resolve on its own! Praise GOD for a peace like that! A peace that logically you shouldn't have. A peace that passes ANY and ALL understanding!!!

Friday morning, I got to work and my boss knew about the situation and so did another girl that I work with. We called my Dr. and got everything arranged (thanks to my awesome co-workers) for me to have my CT scan down the road and that way it would be in St. Pat's system! YAY! Hehe! I had the CT scan of my chest done yesterday afternoon. I worried and worried about it so much. I have an awesome dad too by the way! He came and prayed with me that morning and he even went and sat with me while I was getting my test done! I have a great mom, too! And in-laws for that matter! I'm just blessed all the way around!!!!!!

After the CT scan, Jason took me back to my department so I could log into the computer and look at the images. Now, I really don't know what I am looking at...I can sometimes pick something out but on my own CT, I didn't see anything. My boss called the tech who did my CT scan and he said that he didn't see anything either. He told me to wait around because the Dr. was going to read my CT real quick and put up the results! (It's so good to be on the inside!!) lol! Not even 5 minutes later, the reults were there.....


I'm so glad it was just me and Jason in the department cause I started screaming and jumping up and down! lol! PRAISE GOD NO abnormalities seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't God SO GOOD?! I just love that He cares so much for me!!

I felt so emotionally drained that day and the day before that I wasn't able to run. I did however get a good night sleep and was back into the swing of things today with a 4 mile run! Yay! Next Saturday is an 8 mile run! YIKES!! lol!

"And we know that in all things........ALL THINGS........God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28


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