Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hopefully this will be my last piece of running equipment for a while. I needed a belt for my short runs that didn't have water bottle holders in it so I ordered a spibelt from I got 15% off, too! Yay! Anyway, the zipper is hot pink instead of blue. Hopefully this will work better for me on my shorter runs!

Yesterday I did not feel like running AT ALL! However, I needed to do 3 miles so I forced myself to go to the gym and do it. I couldn't run outside because it was too hot and I had to run early because we were going out to eat for my mom's birthday. Anyway, I HATE treadmills. I mean, I love them for when it's hot but I HATE running on them. They make me crazy. I'm glad yesterday was only a 3 mile run because if it had been longer, I wouldn't have made it. Anyway, it's just one of those things...I'm grateful to have it but I don't like it too much! Haha!

Today is my off day! Yay! Back to running tomorrow....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

You Know You Are A Runner When...
Your husband tells you to pack up for the Hurricane and bring only your most prized possessions, the things you can’t live pack your runing shoes, your Garmin, and of course your favorite sports bra.
At a runner / walking social everyone comments on how they didn't recognize you with your "real" clothes on!
Your husband buys you a Garmin Watch for your anniversary instead of jewelry.

Ok so I thought the above was funny because #3 is true. I did get a Garmin Forerunner from my husband as an Anniversary gift in April! Haha!

Saturday's run was HOT but it was a good one! I accomplished my goal of 45 minutes! Yay! We did a 4 mile run on Saturday.

Today was a 2.5 mile run. I did the 1st mile in 8.45! Yay! I wish I could keep that up the entire time! This breathing thing is really driving me nuts. I wish it would go away! I listened to Run Kid Run today as I that sounds funny! I liked it though...they kept me energized and uplifted! Today's run was a little wet. It was kind of drizzling outside and muggy so I came home kinda soaked! Oh well! That's the fun of it all! :0)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Run the race....

One of my favorite verses from Philippians...

"You know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize. So run to win! All those who compete in the games use self-control so they can win a crown. That crown is an earthly thing that lasts only a short time, but our crown will never be destroyed. So I do not run without a goal." Philippians 9:24-26

This is so true. It's not just about running, it's a way of everything we do, we should do it with it as to glorify our wonderful Father in Heaven!

I received my running belt in the mail yesterday! I used it for the first time today! Worked out really well. Fits good, too! Ran two miles around 7 p.m. It was really muggy and hot and I ran the 2 miles hard. I was pooped by the time I finished! Jason was washing his truck so I sprayed myself down with the hose to cool off! Felt good! lol!

Tomorrow morning is a run at 6:30 a.m. with my running group. We are doing 4 miles in the morning! Hope it goes well! After the run, we're going to Houston for an Astros game! Yay!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never Give Up!

I receive daily quotes from in my e-mail and this was a recent one that I thought inspiring!

"Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up."

That's true for life in general, as well!

Today was 3 miles on my training program. I did 3.5 instead. It wasn't too hot outside and the humidity wasn't too bad either. I love love love running after the rain has cooled everything off!! Feels great!

I got a new iPhone today too but I didn't run with that one...haha!

After much searching, I found a map of our route for January! Looks scary and intimidating but I'm just going to take it 1 mile at a time!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A cracked iPhone

Well just yesterday, I was telling Jason that I needed a belt to carry around my iPhone in while I run. I have XM radio on my iPhone and I like to listen to it while I run. So tonight, I started running and XM was acting up on my phone. What happens? I pull it out of my waistline and it FALLS on the ground and cracks! So now the screen is shattered and I have to go to AT&T tomorrow to get a new one! That really stinks! After it happened, I was so mad that I came inside and ordered the belt!! lol!

So now I'm the new owner of a Nathan Speedbelt 2! And it's pink! There's my newest running accessory! I also ordered some body glide since Academy was out the other day...

Today started week 2 of my running schedule. It recommended 2.5 miles so that's what I did! It was really really muggy outside since it rained about an hour before but it was cool so the heat really didn't get to me.

Anyway, that's all I have for now! :0) God bless!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's about the Journey...

Well, here it is...July 19, 2009. I've signed up to run the Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in January. This blog will be about my journey to that half marathon. I've been "running" since January 2009, however, I started training for this Marathon just 2 weeks ago. It's an intense 6 month training program designed to help prepare me for the road ahead. 13.1 miles. Crazy. When I ran Cross Country in high school, I thought those girls who ran 3 miles (college) were here I am just as "crazy" as they are! Haha! Hope you enjoy following me on this journey! I'm excited to get started!!

This is a picture of us from the last race we ran...4 miles on the 4th of July! My Sister in Law and I ran the race...this is us with our family! :0)

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