Monday, July 20, 2009

A cracked iPhone

Well just yesterday, I was telling Jason that I needed a belt to carry around my iPhone in while I run. I have XM radio on my iPhone and I like to listen to it while I run. So tonight, I started running and XM was acting up on my phone. What happens? I pull it out of my waistline and it FALLS on the ground and cracks! So now the screen is shattered and I have to go to AT&T tomorrow to get a new one! That really stinks! After it happened, I was so mad that I came inside and ordered the belt!! lol!

So now I'm the new owner of a Nathan Speedbelt 2! And it's pink! There's my newest running accessory! I also ordered some body glide since Academy was out the other day...

Today started week 2 of my running schedule. It recommended 2.5 miles so that's what I did! It was really really muggy outside since it rained about an hour before but it was cool so the heat really didn't get to me.

Anyway, that's all I have for now! :0) God bless!

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