Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hopefully this will be my last piece of running equipment for a while. I needed a belt for my short runs that didn't have water bottle holders in it so I ordered a spibelt from I got 15% off, too! Yay! Anyway, the zipper is hot pink instead of blue. Hopefully this will work better for me on my shorter runs!

Yesterday I did not feel like running AT ALL! However, I needed to do 3 miles so I forced myself to go to the gym and do it. I couldn't run outside because it was too hot and I had to run early because we were going out to eat for my mom's birthday. Anyway, I HATE treadmills. I mean, I love them for when it's hot but I HATE running on them. They make me crazy. I'm glad yesterday was only a 3 mile run because if it had been longer, I wouldn't have made it. Anyway, it's just one of those things...I'm grateful to have it but I don't like it too much! Haha!

Today is my off day! Yay! Back to running tomorrow....


  1. yay for SPIbelt! I totally love it for my short runs! I have black w/ hot pink, too!


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