Monday, July 27, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

You Know You Are A Runner When...
Your husband tells you to pack up for the Hurricane and bring only your most prized possessions, the things you can’t live pack your runing shoes, your Garmin, and of course your favorite sports bra.
At a runner / walking social everyone comments on how they didn't recognize you with your "real" clothes on!
Your husband buys you a Garmin Watch for your anniversary instead of jewelry.

Ok so I thought the above was funny because #3 is true. I did get a Garmin Forerunner from my husband as an Anniversary gift in April! Haha!

Saturday's run was HOT but it was a good one! I accomplished my goal of 45 minutes! Yay! We did a 4 mile run on Saturday.

Today was a 2.5 mile run. I did the 1st mile in 8.45! Yay! I wish I could keep that up the entire time! This breathing thing is really driving me nuts. I wish it would go away! I listened to Run Kid Run today as I that sounds funny! I liked it though...they kept me energized and uplifted! Today's run was a little wet. It was kind of drizzling outside and muggy so I came home kinda soaked! Oh well! That's the fun of it all! :0)

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