Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How Running Has Changed Me

Running has made so many different impacts on my life and the decision to pick up this running "thing" was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Tuesdays on the Run

It has changed me physically

This kind of goes without saying, but running has helped me burn calories, lose weight, and shape up!

It has changed my mindset

I love that when I'm slightly anxious (cause that happens sometimes) or overwhelmed, or had a bad day, or just need to clear my mind, I can lace up my running shoes and head out the door for a run. It's amazing the difference a few miles can make!

It has changed my outlook on life

Running has also helped to change my outlook on the world and life. I feel like I've become a more grateful person and can better appreciate the small things in life. I try not to take anything for granted, including a pain free run.

 It has helped me cope

Throughout loss, life changes, and those little curve balls life seems to throw our way sometimes, running has helped me cope.

It has opened new doors and opportunities

If you asked me in 2008 where I thought I would be in 2018, my answer would definitely not have been "running marathons". I was a brand new runner and scared of distance, but running has taught me not to fear those distances and to get out there and just do it. Orangetheory? Never. I'm not a gym class kind of girl, I would have told you. Well, here I am...running marathons and "going to a gym".

Where would I be without this running "thing" I do? I'm not sure, but I'm so grateful I have it and plan to keep on running as long as I'm physically able! Here's to the next 10 years!

How has running changed YOU?

Tuesdays on the Run

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Monday, August 13, 2018

VLOG: Disney Cruise Line Day 7 & 8 (At Sea Day & Castaway Cay)

Here we are, just a few weeks before our next cruise, and I finally finished the video recaps of our previous cruise last October. I would have had these done sooner, but Vlogidays came into play and so did our January Marathon Weekend trip. So, here we are almost a year later and they are finally complete! Better late than never I say!

Our final two days consisted of an at Sea Day where we completely and 100% enjoyed a brunch at Palo. We might have also won a trivia game that day, too!

Last but not least, our final day on the cruise took us to Castaway Cay where we ran the 5K, snorkeled, and spent time at Serenity Bay!

In all, we had a fantastic time and loved our fabulous 10th Anniversary celebration spent at sea!

If you're interested in these recaps and want to see more, stay tuned this fall because more will be coming your way! Also, I'll be in and out of Instagram throughout our cruise posting updates, so be sure to follow along with our adventures there!

Missed a recap? Check them out here:
 Thanks for following along!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fitness Friday - 8/10

This week seriously flew by. Since I was off work on Monday, I was thrown off all week and couldn't remember which day it was! There were several really stressful days at work too, which led to a really bad headache that didn't let up. An extra unplanned rest day took place because of it but oh well. This week hasn't been the best in terms of working out but that's ok. I'm not technically training for anything anyway, so keeping a base is what's most important to me right now.

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA 
  • Contraband Days 5 Miler 
  • 4 on the 4th
  • Rock n Roll San Antonino Half 
Saturday - Walked 6 miles at the San Marcos outlet malls
Sunday - 2.5 mile hill run plus 7 miles of walking at Sea World
Monday -
Orangetheory Endurance Day
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - Unplanned Rest Day
Thursday -
Another Unplanned Rest Day
Friday - Orangetheory

 As mentioned in yesterday's post, we traveled to Texas to visit my brother and sister in law this past weekend. I wasn't sure how many times I would get to lace up my running shoes while there, but it just so happens that it worked out twice for me!

On Sunday morning, my brother asked if I wanted to go for a run with him and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity! He literally lives in "hill country" and I was kind of worried about elevation and inclines.

Again, Orangetheory proved to be paying off because I didn't feel near as fatigued or worn out as I expected to feel!

We also saw all kinds of deer that morning. It was so neat to see them out and about as that's not something I'm used to seeing super often around here.

In total, we made it 2.5 miles in the run. I felt great afterwards and was ready to begin our day at Sea World. By the end of the day, I calculated that we walked 7 miles at the park (not including the morning run). Needless to say, our feet and legs were tired by the time it was all said and done!

After discovering that New Braunfels has an Orangetheory, I signed up for a Monday morning workout. This was my first time visiting a different OTF gym and it was really a cool experience! The coach was AMAZING and helped me out a lot with my form and suggestions on ways to tweak things. The class was also super small (only 7 people), so that was pretty cool too.

This workout was an endurance workout and after logging so many miles at Sea World the day before, my legs did NOT want to move on the treadmill. It really was a great workout, though and I left feeling refreshed!

The remainder of the week was a huge bust. Between stressful days at work, headaches that wouldn't let up, and rain, I didn't even manage to step outside for a walk. I'm making up for it this morning with my second Orangetheory workout for the week.

There's no major plans for the weekend here which I'm looking forward to. Our cruise is just around the corner, so I might pull out my suitcase and begin the packing process. Other than that, I plan on keeping it pretty low key and I'm 100% ok with that!

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

San Antonio Weekend

This past weekend, my little family and I took a long weekend trip to New Braunfels, Texas to visit my brother for his birthday.

We left home on Friday afternoon and stayed in Texas until Monday, so our weekend was extended by a day which was nice!

Our fist stop upon arriving in New Braunfels was at In-n-Out Burger. We couldn't pass it up!

Since we were there for Brian's birthday, we celebrated that evening with cake and presents!

This boy LOVES cookie cake - it's his favorite.

On Saturday morning, we spent time shopping at the outlet malls in San Marcos. This area was HUGE and grew packed with people not long after I took this photo. Thankfully they had a Disney Store, so we were able to enjoy that! Oh yes, and a Banana Republic. That one ranks high on my list of favorite stores.

Saturday was my brother's actual birthday and he wanted to celebrate with a little Mexican food at Uncle Julio's in Austin. To be honest, we actually went to this restaurant because we heard so much about their chocolate pinata...

Jason and I split an order of fajitas and they were delicious! The tortillas were thick and homemade and just so so good.

After dinner, we ordered the famous chocolate pinata for dessert.


Oh my goodness this thing was amazing!

Once he busted into it, churros, strawberries, pineapples, and blackberries fell out. The dipping sauces were raspberry, chocolate, some kind of caramel concoction, and whipped cream!

The five of us devoured this thing - let's just say there wasn't much left by the time we were done!

On Sunday morning, Brian asked if I wanted to go for a run and I couldn't pass that up, especially after eating so much chocolate the evening before.

We saw a ton of deer along the way. It was so peaceful and serene!

We completed 2.5 miles, then cleaned up for our trip to Sea World! This was my first time to visit Sea World in San Antonio, although I have visited the one in San Diego and Orlando in the past. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this park was completely different from the others which was really nice.

Brayden loved seeing all of the marine animals!

We also enjoyed riding the roller coasters, too!

This park was so much fun and had so many things for kids to do. Feeding the ducks and flamingos was another favorite.

The kids area was themed after Sesame Street and included a giant splash pad.

Of course we couldn't pass up a ride on the carousel!

Brayden would have stayed in this area for hours had we let him!

We literally spent all day at Sea World. We had such a fun time and I do hope to visit again soon.

On Monday morning, I decided to get my first Orangetheory workout in for the week. I knew the week back home would be busy and wasn't sure when I would be able to get two workouts in, so Monday morning it was!

Visiting a different studio was interesting and fun at the same time. It was neat to see the similarities and differences between this one and my home gym. The coach for this class was amazing and I loved her!

After leaving Orangetheory, I happened to see a Hallmark. If you've been a blog follower for a while, you know I love Hallmark ornaments at Christmas and our store closed down a few years ago. Since the ornaments were out, I could NOT let this opportunity pass me by!

Another favorite of mine that we no longer have is McAlister's. Imagine my delight to see one in New Braunfels. As I'm sure you've guessed by now, McAlister's is what we had for lunch on Monday!

After lunch, we drove home and somehow managed to drive straight through without any stops. In all, it was a great weekend! We had so much fun visiting with my brother and his wife and exploring their new area. We can't wait to visit again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Really Big & Slightly Scary Running Goals

Another whirlwind of a weekend has come and gone and this one was spent in New Braunfels, visiting my brother and sister-in-law! We had a BLAST and loved our time there. I even took an extra day off of work (yesterday) so we could leisurely return home, which was definitely the right call.

With another Tuesday upon us comes another Tuesdays on the Run and this one is all about race goals - big, scary, hairy race goals.

To be honest, I hadn't given much thought to race goals prior to this summer. Earlier in the year, I began to experience something that concerned me and after speaking with my physician, it was determined that I have a complication that arose during childbirth. I haven't shared about this here because I haven't been quite sure how to go about doing so and let's just say that what I've experienced has left me with a heart full of gratitude that I can even run at all. My running goal prior to this summer? Just. Keep. Running.

Throughout this "journey", so to speak, I met an amazing physical therapist who taught me a wealth of knowledge and gave me hope when I needed it the most. Maybe...just maybe I wasn't completely done in for just yet!

With the conclusion of physical therapy came the eye opening wonders of Orangetheory. I love this form of cross training because it's doable for me, even with a weight restriction. I can work on strength as well as cardio at the same time which is perfect for me! I can also see and feel the benefits of Orangetheory and now I'm totally 100% hooked.

Now, my goal of "just keep running" has turned into "maybe I can run a little faster"..."or farther"...?

So, where do I go from here? Well, I thought I'd never be at a place where I'd be able to reach or beat my current half marathon PR from 2015. My goal that year was to break 2 hours in the half and with the help of a pacer, I did just that.

Is a sub-2 hour half marathon doable for me again? I can't say exactly, but I'm starting to feel strong and more powerful, just like I did back in 2015. Breaking my half marathon PR IS a huge and scary goal for me, so we shall see what the future has to hold.

Another HUGE lofty goal for me is to hit a 4:30 full marathon time. My current PR is 4:44, but my knee can say otherwise at times, so I'm not sure how many more full marathons I have in me. Again, we will see what the future has to hold here!

Is "just keep running" a big, lofty, scary goal? Sure it is. Each of us are fighting our own battles, and if putting one foot in front of the other is the biggest goal that can be set right now, then I'm all about that. I might never reach a PR status again, but if running is something I can continue to do for years to come, I'll be happy enough with that!

Do you have a running goal that scares or intimidates you?

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Fitness Friday - 8/3

It's August, y'all. August. There's only 144 days until Christmas. Say what?!

Speaking of Christmas, I cannot wait for cooler weather, that's for sure! The heat was partially a contributing factor to my lack of outdoor runs this week, but that's ok. I still managed three Orangetheory workouts and they were good ones that left me with sore muscles the following day (or days)! Let's see how this week went for me....

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA 
  • Contraband Days 5 Miler 
  • 4 on the 4th
  • Rock n Roll San Antonino Half 
Saturday - Orangetheory Trinity - Endurance, Strength, Power
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday -
Unplanned Rest Day
Tuesday - Orangetheory Endurance Day
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday -
Orangetheory Endurance Day
Friday - Travel Day

Last week was kind of a crazy one around here, so that meant I had the chance to go to Orangetheory on a Saturday! This workout was what they called the Orangetheory Trinity (a combination of endurance, strength, and power) which encompassed a 14 minute row. Yes, you read that correctly....14 minutes...on the rower. Ouch.

I mean, I love the rower, but 14 minutes...yikes!

This meme that I found online said it perfectly. For all my Bachelor and Bachelorette fans out there, you'll understand this one!

On Monday night, we celebrated my mom's birthday, which meant no run or workout for me. I thought I might have a chance to squeeze one in, but it didn't happen. Oh well!

My next trip to Orangetheory took place on Tuesday afternoon and this time, it was all about endurance. With a combination of the mini bands on the weight floor and a run to row (running on the treadmill and rowing on the rower combo), this was one of the toughest workouts I've done at Orangetheory to date. My legs are seriously still sore.

On Wednesday, I couldn't move...so I didn't. Well, I might have gone to work but I didn't do anything extra apart from that!

Thursday was another Orangetheory workout. This was also another endurance workout, but it consisted of a 2000 meter benchmark row. The goal was to hit 2000 meters between 6-10 minutes and I finished in 7:30. I was trying to be one of the first off the rower and I ended up being the third off. Not too shabby for only doing this about 6 weeks!

We also did another run to row (running on the treadmill and rowing on the rower combo) yesterday, which I loved!

In all, these workouts this week were amazing and definitely left me feeling it later!

Other exciting things that took place this weekend were some good eats!

A local restaurant that makes fabulous pizza decided to make their pizza even more fabulous by offering a cauliflower crust. Y'all. This was so good. Seriously. Even my husband who hates cauliflower loved it! WIN! 

I also discovered a new favorite salad from Greenhouse! It was called the Chinatown and it was delicious! I can't wait to have it again!

In other randomness, Poshmark has become my new BFF! These two Lilly pieces were purchased for our cruise and they arrived this week! Much to my surprise, both items fit perfectly! I cannot wait to wear them!!

We are headed back to Texas this weekend to spend time with my brother for his birthday! We are also going to take Brayden to Sea World in San Antonio and are so looking forward to spending the weekend with family! I might evenf try to squeeze in an Orangetheory workout while I'm there!

Have any weekend plans? Hope you have a great one!!

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