Wednesday, July 11, 2018

VLOG: Day 5 - Grand Cayman & Snorkeling With The Stingrays!

Continuing with our Disney Cruise from this past October, (super late, I know) here's the next video in the series! On our next port day, we spent time in Grand Cayman and went snorkeling with the stingrays! This was by far my favorite excursion of our trip!

I loved making this video as it reminded me of all of our fun times in Grand Cayman! Check it out below!

After this, just three videos remain and the recaps for this trip will be complete. If anything, they are just making me even more excited for our upcoming Disney Cruise in August! I cannot wait!!

Have you ever snorkeled with the stingrays? What were your thoughts on the experience?
If you missed previous days,  check out the recaps here:


  1. I loved running on the cruise ship. I put on my GPS and it was the fastest I've ever run. lol
    Great video of the stingrays!

    1. RIGHT!? Haha! I've done that before on a cruise ship too! Fastest run ever!


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