Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July in Review

How in the world is it almost August? I'm seriously blown away at how fast this year has passed by! I say it all the time but it's true. With the arrival of August that means a few things - for one, it's my birthday month so woohooo about that. Second, it's our vacay month and last but not least, it's one month closer to Christmas! Yeehaaa!

Let's take a look back over July and see how it looks from a running/workout perspective.

So, y'all know I've given this little Orangetheory thing a try...and I love it...and I am having major results from it.

During the month of July, I attended 8 Orangetheory classes (including one today). Throughout that time, we worked on everything from endurance to strength to power and each and every class was a full head to toe workout.

On the running forefront, I ran twice a week for the month of July. My goal was to run one day during the week and a "longer-ish" run on the weekend. This scenario didn't always pan out as we've had several days of excessive heat warnings and I just can't deal running in "feels like 107 degrees" temps. So, my longer runs usually turned into shorter ones. Oh well...I'll get back into the swing of half-marathon training once it cools off outside. Even though my longer runs pretty much went to garbage this month, I did manage several quality runs and they were great. These runs were definitely confidence boosters and proof of how much Orangetheory has paid off!

I also ran one race during the month of July. This race was a 4 miler on the 4th of July and I managed a 3 second PR despite my ridiculous heart issues. I can't wait to see what the fall and cooler weather will bring!

I'd say it was a pretty good month in my book!

Goodbye, July! Hello, August! 

Tuesdays on the Run

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  1. Quality always outweighs quantity. Good job!

  2. It's always great to see results from workouts.

  3. I've been to one Orangetheory class but that's it. I do keep hearing great things about it. Glad to see the classes have been beneficial.

  4. Great month for you! I hear great things about OTF but have yet to pull the trigger. I swear it's been so hot everywhere!

  5. Yes, a great month, indeed! The quality runs totally trump the quantity, so that's a win for you ;-) No Orange Theory in my area, but I have heard great things from those you've done it...glad it's been a hit with you!

  6. I agree with you that I cant believe that it's already August. This summer has gone by in record time.

    I have never tried Orange Theory but I would really like to take a class their one day.


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