Monday, November 27, 2017

10th Anniversary Vacay - Day 6, Jamaica

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great time spent with your family and friends! Initially, today's post was supposed to be the vlogidays weekend #2, but the computer isn't cooperating with me tonight, so a recap of our next day on the Disney Fantasy is coming to you instead! Stay tuned for a recap of our amazing weekend - hopefully tomorrow!!
    Our Jamaica day arrived and was honestly one of the cruise days I was looking forward to the most. Why, you might ask? Well, a little zip-lining adventure was in our future and this was an item I had on my "must do" list for years! I. Couldn't. Wait!

    We arrived in Jamaica, only to discover that we were the only ship in port!  That didn't last long, though....

    Not long after we docked, so did the Allure of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships in the world. We were excited to see the ship, but it would come back later to bite us in the tail. You'll see what I mean here shortly....

    Anyway, we had breakfast then joined our excursion group a little later. We were excited to get our excursion started!

    The bus driver who took us over to the Good Hope Estate was super enthusiastic and kept us entertained the entire way! He was awesome!

    I've read that there's a lot to do here, but zip lining was on our main agenda! We booked the Chukka excursion that took you through 10 traverses!

    After a little briefing on the do's and don'ts, we were ready to go!

    This was my first time to zip line, so I was incredibly nervous!

    Here's where the whole "two giant cruise ships in port" came back to bite us in the tail. You see that reaaaally long line of people waiting to get started? Yeah. That happened a couple of times on the route. This excursion was simply too over-booked which was sad. I had a GREAT time, I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for everything.

    Melissa and I went this one alone and left the boys back at the port! :)

    I was able to scratch "Ziplining in a tropical location" off of my must-do list! This was everything I dreamed it would be (minus the long wait times). I'm not a huge fan of heights, but it was amazing to be at the top of the trees, looking down on the world!

    "Lady T" was an awesome guide! I even asked her if she could just follow us to each site! She was too funny and even called me "Pocahontas" at one point! Haha!

    After re-boarding the boat, we met back up with our husbands, then took time to eat a little lunch! We were starving as the zip line took way longer than expected! Lunch ended with an ice cream cone of course!

    This guy at the port was hysterical! He had everyone on the upper decks doing a little chant with him! So funny to watch!

    The sunset was another gorgeous one!

    Pirate night was up next and my husband might have purchased a new hat for his ensemble!

    This is one of my favorite menus on board...but I was incredibly disappointed that they removed my coveted pot stickers from the menu. Sad times, Disney. Sad times.


    We found a spot on deck 12 to watch the pirate show (which was COMPLETELY different from what we remembered) as well as the fireworks!

    After fireworks, we browsed through the buffet line and had a few bites to eat. We were still so full from dinner, we didn't have much.

    This guy was waiting for us when we returned to our room!

    That was the end of another great day! Up next is our second and final at sea day! Stay tuned! :)


    1. We ziplined in Maui and I loved it - would totally do that again. No lines, though - so it was one big adrenaline rush after another.

      That other cruise ship? Looks like a building, not a boat!!!

      1. Oohhh Maui that sounds amazing! Isn’t that royal ship ginormous?! I was amazed to see one so big!

    2. I've been ziplining twice and it is so much fun! I'm glad that you had a great experience!

      1. Thanks, Kathryn! I really enjoyed our experience!

    3. Ziplining was SO much fun! Minus the crowded course, I loved everything about it!


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