Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Fun!

Hello Monday...we meet again!

The weekends always seem to go by so quickly, especially when a lot of fun events took place!

When the Astros World Series parade was announced for Houston on Friday at 2 p.m., I debated every in an out and up and down way for me to attend. Unfortunately, even though I had a half day of work on Friday, there was no way I would make it to Houston and into downtown to catch the parade. Instead, I watched live feeds from my cell phone! I was sad to not be there along with the projected millions of Astros fans, but oh was really neat to see the live stream!

On Saturday morning, we were up very bright and early to attend a Princess & Superhero breakfast. A local dance club was hosting this as a fundraiser and we thought it would be fun to take Brayden!

He was super iffy about the superheros. He did give them a high five but didn't really want to....

The princesses, however....

He was enamored with these ladies, especially Sleeping Beauty's dress. We thought it would be funny to have a picture made with him in the middle of all of them. I'm sure he's going to be mad at me one day for this but for now, it's adorable.

Another trip we almost made was to WDW. I was initially supposed to be there this weekend anyway to surprise a friend running her first runDisney event but with the hurricane/cruise cancellation and rescheduling, this trip didn't work out. THEN the World Series parade was announced for Magic Kingdom on Saturday and we debated dropping all of our previous plans to attend, but there was just way too much going on this weekend. So again, I watched this one as live stream from my house!

After nap time, we went over to a local park that just opened this weekend. It's SO nice and a decent size for our small town and Brayden LOVED IT.

Yes, I'm aware that it's November and yes, it was in the 40's last weekend...but not this weekend! We had high's in the upper 80's here this weekend which was perfect for an afternoon at the splash pad.  He loved playing in the splash pad and didn't want to get out!

He also loved these new swings as well as another little play area where he could turn knobs and push buttons to his heart's content. In all, it was an amazing afternoon!

We arrived early at church on Sunday to drop Jason off for orchestra practice, so instead of waiting around for an hour and a half for service to start, Brayden and I went to Target to check out their Christmas collection!

He LOVED the trees with blinky lights!

Sunday night's service was very special for me as four young ladies I've worked with for a while now earned achievements in our Wednesday night program. They've all worked very hard for years and have come very far! It was a really special honor for them!

I hope everyone who ran Wine & Dine had a lot of fun this weekend! Seeing all of the social media posts and stories made me even more excited for January! Dopey, here I come!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?


  1. My cousin went to the parade and posted some pictures. It reminded me of that one time I was at Minute Maid park for a game, in 2006.

    1. How fun!! That's so neat they were able to be at the parade!

  2. Thank you so much! YES this is way too hot...fall needs to arrive ASAP! Haha!

  3. That is just the cutes picture of Brayd n standing in his Mickey shirt! What a cute idea to have a superhero and princess party. Was there a good turn out?

    1. Thank you! Yes, they did have a good turnout and I could tell he had a blast!


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