Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy November and happy belated Halloween! We've had a BLAST celebrating this year with our toddler and even though he didn't exactly know what was going on, he's had fun too!

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that Brayden went to Mother's Day Out yesterday for a "princess/super hero/pizza party".

Well, as I dropped him off, I realized that I hadn't even THOUGHT about goodie bags for the kids! Oh no. I joked on Instagram that it was a "mom fail" but I definitely know there are worse things in life! Anyway, I made a run to Target on my lunch break and somehow managed to find enough toddler friendly goodies to put this together...

Whew. Crisis averted.

I really really really enjoy doing things like this and was kinda sad I didn't even think about it! I am even more excited about Christmas now!! :)

He came home with a rather large haul, too! For an 8 kid class, I'd say he did pretty darn well!

This week we've also made a couple of trips to local church festivities which included a few trunk or treats!

Sunday was incredibly cold, so his overstuffed Mickey costume that would normally be waaaay too warm for our weather worked out perfectly!

We met up with our friends and had a blast!

Brayden very quickly picked up on the concept of taking a "treat" and putting it in his bag. It was so cute!

He also had fun with the games but didn't quite understand the concept of playing each game just one time and moving on, especially if it was a fun game!

My friends were dressed as Mike, Sully, and Boo from Monsters Inc. Adorable!

Halloween night here was a bit different as the weather was warm and humid. I had a "back up" costume just for that instance and it worked out great!

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

I'm sure you'll notice that neither costume included a hat on his head. Well, ever since the summer, he's decided to boycott hats completely. Instead of trying to make it work, we just let it be and I ended up pinning his cowboy hat on the back of his shirt.

We attended another community event last night and he again had fun playing all the games. Since he now knows that he's picking candy out of a tub, he started handing them to me to open instead of putting them in his bag. So funny!

Watch out, Astros...your future relief pitcher is up and coming...

My friend Kim was there with her nieces and nephews so we got to say hi for a minute or two!

My parents also joined us and we had a blast!

Remember what I said about the hat?

AFTER it was all said and done, this little turkey decided hats were ok...and he wore it for the entirety of dinner, too!!

(hashtag) ToddlerLife

Apart from our dress up events, we also visited the pumpkin patch a few times!

Just because he had so much fun the first time, we went again on Monday afternoon after work!

Enough with the pictures already, mom!!

Well, that about sums up Brayden's second Halloween! If we had this much fun with him this year, I can't wait to see what Christmas has in store!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Hand out candy? Trick or treat? Kids dress up?


  1. All your pictures are amazing! What fun memories you'll have!

  2. My neighborhood is new, since it's been developing the last couple years. I did get trick or treaters, and I'm hoping they'll remember for next year.

    1. That's so fun!! We don't have many pass in our neighborhood at all!


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