Thursday, November 30, 2017

Runner Gift Guide

The Christmas season is officially upon us and with that comes an onslaught of shopping craziness! Checking off lists, debating over the perfect gift for that special someone or friend, finding great goes on and on!

Know what?

I love it! The holidays are my favorite time of year and I absolutely love everything about it, including the frenzy of it all!

After lots of time and thought into gifts for the runner/Disney fans in my life, I've come up with (what I think are) five great gift ideas and I decided to share some of those ideas with you today!

#1 Legend Compression Socks

Runner Gift Guide

I've been a fan of Legend Compression socks for a while now and own them in several colors. My favorite part about Legend is their motto of "Right Not Tight" - these compression socks and sleeves aren't impossible to get on and they aren't overly tight, offering just the perfect amount of compression for better performance and faster recovery! Yes, I am an ambassador of this company and yes, I will receive a credit if you use this link for purchase, but so will you! Check it out for $15 off your first purchase!

#2 Lillian & Co Bracelet

Runner Gift Guide

Although these bracelets aren't geared specifically for runners, how could you not love them with slogans such as "I Can Go The Distance" and "Keep Moving Forward"? These Lillian & Co bracelets are available in silver, gold, and rose gold and you can stack them to wear more than one at a time! I absolutely love these precious bracelets and might have one or two on my own Christmas list this year! (If you google it, you can usually find a coupon code somewhere for 10% off any purchase. Shoot me an email if you're having trouble finding one!)

#3 Gone for a Run

Runner Gift Guide

Y'all - this site blows my mind. If you ever need a gift for any runner in your life and are stumped on what to get them, look no further. Gone For A Run has gift ideas for just about anybody that ranges from shirts to Christmas ornaments, jewelry, and medal displays. Seriously, go check them won't be disappointed!! I'm pretty sure just about every runner on my Christmas list received something from Gone For A Run as a gift last year! All orders over $65 receive free shipping!

#4 Endure Jewelry

Runner Gift Guide

I first noticed Endure Jewelry at the Princess Half Marathon expo several years back. Their jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and there's a wide variety of race experiences to choose from (not just runDisney inspired events). There's even a "build your own" option! If you're looking for high quality running/race inspired jewelry, this is the place to go! Free shipping on all orders of $75 or more!

#5 Runner Gift Box 

Runner Gift Guide

A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law combined several of my favorite running related items and put them all together as a gift box of sorts! It was such a thoughtful and clever idea and definitely a gift I'll remember for a long time! She knew I liked KT Pro Tape as well as GU and Raw Threads, so as you can see in the photo above, this box had a little of it all! So, if you're in the market for a gift for your favorite runner, think about some of the things they use while out for a run and combine them into one gift box!

That's it for 2017! What's on your Christmas gift list this year (running and non-running related)? 

Thanks to Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for hosting this Friday Five linkup!


  1. What a nice list - I've not seen Endure jewelry before...thanks? LOL, now I want everything! I have a new medal hanger on my list and thanks to my parents I'll be getting it, yay!

    1. Hahaha isn’t their jewelry so pretty?! Love it!

  2. I really like those bracelets! I might have to add them to my own list...

  3. I certainly have running items on my list. I figure I'll always have something on my Christmas list with running in my life.


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