Wednesday, November 22, 2017

10th Anniversary Vacay - Day 5, Grand Cayman

When I last left off with our 10th Anniversary cruise recap, we were leaving Cozumel and heading to Grand Cayman. This actually turned out to be one of my favorite days of the entire cruise!

      My morning began with a run around the jogging deck. I'd planned to fit my regular 3 weekly runs in during the week but also wanted to give myself plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate. Our excursion that day didn't start until later in the morning so I figured it was the perfect time for a run!

      Our excursion that day included a visit to Stingray City. I'd never snorkeled with stingrays in prior to this cruise so I had no clue what to expect! 

      When we arrived at the sandbar, there were at least 50 stingrays swimming all around the docked boats. Each boat had its own bucket of feed and those stingrays sure knew what the bucket meant!

      We got in the water and before long, stingrays were swarming our area. Every now and again, I would feel one swim up against my leg. It was the oddest yet coolest feeling!

      Such gentle creatures!

      Why, hello there! :)

      This was definitely one of the coolest excursions I'd ever done!

      Our boat captains even let us hold a stingray for a photo!

      Such an incredible experience!

      On our way back to the port, I kept my eye out for the local restaurant offerings along the way. We ate at Hard Rock last time we were in Grand Cayman and this time we wanted a local fare. We had several hours to kill, so we headed over to Rackam's which was one of the restaurants I spotted on our way back to the port. Their menu offered seafood which sounded perfect to me!

      Bonus: we had an amazing view of our ship from our table!

      I ordered the fish and chips since we were in British territory and it was delicious!

      After dinner, we walked over to the shopping area and both Melissa and I purchased a Grand Cayman charm for our Pandora bracelets! We also sat for a few minutes and enjoyed a little free wifi!

      Our evening dinner was in Enchanted Garden and I began by ordering broccoli cheese soup off of the kids menu. :)

      One of my favorite dishes of the cruise included turkey and dressing...reminded me of Thanksgiving!

      Dessert that evening was fabulous, too!

      Our assistant server offered to take a picture of us in the restaurant. Come to find out, he used to work for photography on board the cruise line!

      The remainder of our evening was spent in the adult area watching Match Your Mate!

      This show was hysterical as always! It's definitely a must-see on every cruise we've taken!

      It wasn't long before we called it a night! We had another fun day ahead - this time in Jamaica where I had the opportunity to cross an item off of my "must-do" list - zip-lining in a tropical location!

      Thanks for following along! :)

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