Friday, August 10, 2018

Fitness Friday - 8/10

This week seriously flew by. Since I was off work on Monday, I was thrown off all week and couldn't remember which day it was! There were several really stressful days at work too, which led to a really bad headache that didn't let up. An extra unplanned rest day took place because of it but oh well. This week hasn't been the best in terms of working out but that's ok. I'm not technically training for anything anyway, so keeping a base is what's most important to me right now.

Fitness Friday

Currently Training For:
  • Dopey Challenge 2018 - Walt Disney World
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2018 - New Orleans, LA 
  • Contraband Days 5 Miler 
  • 4 on the 4th
  • Rock n Roll San Antonino Half 
Saturday - Walked 6 miles at the San Marcos outlet malls
Sunday - 2.5 mile hill run plus 7 miles of walking at Sea World
Monday -
Orangetheory Endurance Day
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - Unplanned Rest Day
Thursday -
Another Unplanned Rest Day
Friday - Orangetheory

 As mentioned in yesterday's post, we traveled to Texas to visit my brother and sister in law this past weekend. I wasn't sure how many times I would get to lace up my running shoes while there, but it just so happens that it worked out twice for me!

On Sunday morning, my brother asked if I wanted to go for a run with him and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity! He literally lives in "hill country" and I was kind of worried about elevation and inclines.

Again, Orangetheory proved to be paying off because I didn't feel near as fatigued or worn out as I expected to feel!

We also saw all kinds of deer that morning. It was so neat to see them out and about as that's not something I'm used to seeing super often around here.

In total, we made it 2.5 miles in the run. I felt great afterwards and was ready to begin our day at Sea World. By the end of the day, I calculated that we walked 7 miles at the park (not including the morning run). Needless to say, our feet and legs were tired by the time it was all said and done!

After discovering that New Braunfels has an Orangetheory, I signed up for a Monday morning workout. This was my first time visiting a different OTF gym and it was really a cool experience! The coach was AMAZING and helped me out a lot with my form and suggestions on ways to tweak things. The class was also super small (only 7 people), so that was pretty cool too.

This workout was an endurance workout and after logging so many miles at Sea World the day before, my legs did NOT want to move on the treadmill. It really was a great workout, though and I left feeling refreshed!

The remainder of the week was a huge bust. Between stressful days at work, headaches that wouldn't let up, and rain, I didn't even manage to step outside for a walk. I'm making up for it this morning with my second Orangetheory workout for the week.

There's no major plans for the weekend here which I'm looking forward to. Our cruise is just around the corner, so I might pull out my suitcase and begin the packing process. Other than that, I plan on keeping it pretty low key and I'm 100% ok with that!

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

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