Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I'm back...last Sunday at this time, we were flying back into the New Orleans airport from Orlando. I'm so sad the trip had to end and we had a GREAT time with my parents!!!!

I ran 2 times at Disney....

The first time, I woke up at 5 a.m. and found the fitness center (after 20 minutes of searching for it) which means I ran out of I only got 2.5 miles in on the treadmill and I rode the bike some....

The next time I ran, we had a later day and I was able to run outside on the jogging path. It was SO beautiful and peaceful! I saw lots of bunnies and I even saw 2 deer! They were SO close to me and they didn't run or freak out on me at all! I got in 3 miles that day and I took lots of pictures!

My dad also wore a pedometer in the parks and one day it registered that we had walked 9.5 miles! Wow! We also had days with like 7 miles, 4 miles, etc. I couldn't believe 9.5 miles, though!!!

I felt like I had gotten off track but then I picked it up again last week and it's almost like I never missed a day! I wasn't too much back on track, though! lol! I skipped Monday AND Tuesday's runs (BAD KAREN) but I ran 4 miles on Thursday and it went really well!

Then yesterday, I ran 8 miles. It was hot and humid (WHERE is fall weather?!?!)! This 8 miles wasn't as easy as the last time I did 8 miles (that time it was rainy and felt cooler outside). I only had like 5 hours of sleep and I started hurting around the 5th mile so I wasn't as pleased with this run as I have been in the past. I did finish in my normal time though. I think my main problem is that I didn't have anyone to pace myself with...I was mostly on my own and when I do that, I run faster so I think I just ran too fast for too long and it tired me out too much. Oh well...


  1. Sounds like you are training nicely and props to you for running in the humidity, I know that makes it even more difficult sometimes! I know a pacer helps also, are you running with someone when you run your race? My first race I ran by myself and believe it or not my time was actually better than my second race! So don't deceive yourself that you need a pacer, you will have lots during the race! :) You are going to do wonderful, glad you have been getting so many miles of training! Enjoy yourself in FL!

  2. Oh, I didn't clarify that during my second race I had a pacer, hence I ran slower. The entire time I thought I was faster too, bummer! But...not about time, but about endurance! You can do it. :)


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