Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 Rainy Miles!!!

WHEW I'm whooped! I did 8 miles this morning in the RAIN!!! lol! The brim of my hat was SOAKED but I still had fun! It was only like a light misty rain for a long time then about mile 4 or 5, it picked up and was pretty steady. It wasn't a pouring rain but I was still soaked by the time it was all said and done! I didn't mind it though cause it kept me fairly cooled off! I'm just a mess now!! lol!

I averaged about an 11:45 mile! I ran most of it and it felt good!!!

Around mile 3.5, I did a few GU Chomps (that little bag has lasted me forever...probably cause I'm not taking them right)...didn't realize until yesterday you are supposed to eat 4 at a time and I've usually just been eating 2! At mile 6, I did a GU Gel...Triple Berry or something like that. It was REALLY good!

So up until today, the furthest I had run at one time was 6 miles! This was a really good accomplishment for me and made me feel good! Just 5 more miles and you've got a half!!!

As I was running, I saw a CHETAH PRINT PURPLE skirt run past me! I sped up to catch up and I said "No Way! Are you wearing a running skirt?!?!" She WAS and so we chatted about the great people over there for a few and then we both went on our own ways! It was too cool! I haven't been wearing my skirts out there lately because no one else wears them but now I'm going to start!! :0)

I forgot to mention, I got out on Wednesday and did a few intervals...I was supposed to run Tuesday but I was lazy and didn't! I usually don't run on Wednesdays because of church but I felt bad about not having run on Tuesday so I got out there and ran! I did a total of 3 miles although that wasn't my goal.

I ran easy for 10 minutes
Then sprinted for 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds, sprinted 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds, etc. for 15 minutes
Then ran easy again for another 10 minutes

WHEW I was BEAT when I was finished!!!! lol! AND I was sore on FRIDAY to top it off! lol!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention my other birthday gift. A few weeks before my birthday, I told Jason that I wanted an "In Training for Disney 2010" shirt from the disney store. They had them in stock at the time. Well, when he went to order it, there were no more in stock. So he spent all night at work searching the for this shirt! He couldn't find it! So he e-mailed Disney and they told him to keep checking back. He did and the following week, they had more out! He's so sweet!

WE LEAVE FOR OUR DISNEY VACATION TOMORROW!! I'm looking forward to running the trails of the Wilderness Lodge!!!!! We are staying there (WL) for a week! I'm looking forward to the vacation too of course! lol!


  1. great job! and i looove that shirt. wish i would have had one of those when i was training. hopefully next year! ;)

  2. Oh I hope you have a wonderful vacation! I'm with Jessica, I wish I would have had one of those tees when I was training too, super cute! Good job for running in the rain and for running so many miles, I give you props! Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blssed Friday post, I want to see your puppy! :)

  3. Great job Karen! WHAT??? You haven't been running in your skirts????? I say to heck with everyone else, I'm going to be cute and comfy! LOL! Hope you're having a great time at WDW...

  4. How is your running going? I left you a present at my blog - you'll have to check it out! :)


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