Friday, November 16, 2012

More Merry Shutterfly House Party

It’s been quiet on the blog this week!

I’ve been busy doing this:

(Image Source: Google Images)

So I can do this:


(Hopefully SOON!)

Anyway, on to the Party!

Recently, I was chosen as a lucky recipient to host a More Merry Shutterfly House Party!


I was sent a kit in the mail with all kinds of awesome goodies!! The kit included balloons, napkins, sample Christmas cards, a magnet, and several cards for free Shutterfly books/free Christmas cards!
I wasn’t chosen as a party host because I like Shutterfly photo books or anything…..


Yes, most of those photo books are of Half/Full Marathons that I’ve run! I’m just a few books behind but I’m catching up! :0)


I chose to have my house party at work during our lunch break! I work with a lot of crafty people who were thrilled about the idea! By the way, the Shutterfly bag on the table is from Heather’s Shutterfly House Party a few years ago! :0)


I brought all of my photo books along with me to work…


….along with a laptop so we could watch the video that Shutterfly provided!

Per the Shutterfly website: Photo books are the new way to cherish and preserve your memories. Whether it's a gorgeous wedding photo album, a new baby memory book, a fun-filled family photo album, an adventurous travel photo album, or a personalized children’s book, Shutterfly has a professionally bound photo book that's perfect for you. Our one-of-a-kind, high-quality custom photo books make wonderful gifts for special occasions, but they're also a great way to keep your favorite memories close, and provide a great option for digital scrapbooking. Choose from five different sizes and a variety of cover options and unique backgrounds, then fill the pages with your story. Make your memory book, unique with your own title and favorite photo on the cover or select from premium leather options. Looking for inspiration? Try creating a custom recipe book, a portfolio book of children's art, a personalized family tree book, a brag book, a birthday book for kids, or a school memory book for teens.


Everyone had a blast at my More Merry Shutterfly House Party! Photo books and Christmas Cards were all anyone could talk about in the days following the party!

Do I have any other Shutterfly Photo Book lovers here?

Guess what?

I have a few extra goodies that I’ve decided to share with you guys! 

There will be FIVE winners (chosen at random) and each winner will receive a card with each of the following:
  • A code for a free 8x8 Shutterfly Photo Book
  • A code for 10 free personalized holiday cards
  • An website where you can send FIVE friends a free 8x8 photo book (and just for spreading the word, you will receive 101 free prints!)
  • A code to send a free greeting card via Treat
To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what topic your photo book will be about if you win!
The winners will be chosen on Saturday, November 17, 2012 and the cards will be mailed out first thing this weekend!
Good luck!! :0)  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. My photo book will be about my Wine and Dine Half Marathon from last weekend! :)
    PS love this husband makes the photo books from our trip photos, we are avid travelers!

  2. Oh I would love one! I make a photo book each year about the life of our family. I hope the kids will appreciate it when they are older. It's also great because my hubby is deployed a lot and that way he can see what we have been up to. Shutterfly is great and so easy to use!

  3. Friends make a great centerpiece for any shutterfly project! I love my shutterfly books too :)

  4. I would also be making a photo book about the Wine and Dine Half Marathon last weekend! It was my sister's first half and I've love to make a photo book for her.

  5. My photo book will also be about the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! It was my sister's first half and I'd love to make a photo book for her.

  6. I would finally put together all my pictures from going to Nicaragua last summer!

  7. I do a book every year to remember the year as a whole, plus every vacation gets it's own book, and now I want to do all my races in a year in a separate book!

  8. I keep saying that I'm going to make a photo book of Miles' first year - photos even uploaded to Shutterfly - but I have yet to do it. This would be just the kick in the butt I need.

  9. My photo book will be about my kids' soccer teams. I have two kids who've been playing for four years. I've collected tons of photos and have been meaning to make a photo book for ages.

  10. I would love to create a book with my kids' soccer photos. I have two boys who've each been playing soccer for 4+ years. I have a ton of photos and have been meaning to make them into a photo book for ages.

  11. My photobook will be for my grandmother and will have my wedding photos in them from when I got married in May. She was unable to come to the wedding because of her health and mobility, so this photo book will be a real treat for her! :o)

  12. I would LOVE to create a wedding photo book for my grammie. I got married this past May, and she was unable to attend because of her health and mobility issues. She would absolutely treasure the book :o)

  13. My daughter will turn 18 soon, I'd like to create a book with pictures of her growing up.

  14. I love that you used my bad as a centerpiece. haha! Great job!

  15. My photobook will be about my vacation two weeks ago.


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