Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Sample and Share

Crowdtap….I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this nifty little website……and if you haven’t heard me talk about it, then go over and check it out! I was introduced to Crowdtap a while back by a blogger friend of mine and I love it!!

Old Navy is a brand that partners with Crowdtap and occasionally gives its followers a chance to participate in a Sample and Share.

I was chosen for the Bottoms Bonanza Sample and Share (sweet!) where myself and three friends each received a free “bottom” of our choice and a free pair of shoes!! (LUCKY!)

The date for our Sample and Share was flexible, so I got together with three of my friends and we agreed on a date/time that we could all meet together to partake in the fun!


We had a hard time deciding what to choose! Instead, we loaded our arms up and brought it all to the dressing room!

IMG_5781 IMG_5783

Lots of bottoms! Skirts, Capris, Shorts, Jeans, Dress pants…..the decisions were hard to make!! I finally landed a decision with the jean capris, even though I really really loved a pair of linen capris as well (not pictured here).

 IMG_5785  IMG_5797

Why am I wearing that top in all of the pictures? I fell in love with it, that’s why! In the end, I decided to buy it! :0)


Great friends, lots of fun, awesome clothes!!

After we decided on what bottoms to wear, we began the hunt for shoes!


I had a feeling that Heather would pick a pair of these shoes! They had her name written all over them! :0)


Too much fun with flip flops!

IMG_5799 IMG_5801

Here came my dilemma: I’m all about getting the most for my money. So, when given the choice between a free pair of $10 flip flops vs a free pair of $30 dress shoes, well, I think that one is a no-brainer.


My bargaining points:

-I don’t own anything like these shoes. I’ve always wanted a pair of wedges so why not!
-The shoes are black – I can wear them with a lot most of my dress clothes.
-They are super comfortable.
-My husband approved of them via text messaging.



Lots of decisions!

We also had fun tweeting about our shopping experience!
twitter twitter2

As we were walking toward checkout, I realized that I had Old Navy Super C-A-S-H in my purse! I received my super cash bucks from a purchase I made a few weeks prior (yes, I love Old Navy). My cash was good for $20 off a $40 purchase. Not too shabby.

Remember those linen capris I mentioned? Well, they just happened to be on sale for…oh…yeah….$20. That cute top I fell in love with? Also….yeah……$20! You can do the math….$20+$20=$40 which also equals $20 off my purchase!


Not only did I receive a pair of jean capris and a pair of black wedges for FREE (a $60 total savings), I also received $20 off my $40 purchase for the navy blue top and the linen capris!


I felt like a super coupon queen! I saved $80 and only spent $23….which made for one super happy Old Navy Crowdtapper!! :D

Want to partake in all the fun?


Join me on Crowdtap!!


  1. Awesome deals!! I had never heard of crowdtap...but joined today!

  2. You racked up! I love a bargain!!! When did Old Navy get such cute shoes?!?!

  3. You know, you got some great deals on that day. When I saw you in the top, before you explained how you got it, I was thinking, 'Wow, how did she find a top that matches everything?"

    You can wear that top with almost anything- as proven in the pictures. Plus, those capris really show off your figure. I like them more than the linen ones. They are the ideal length and will go well with a lot of different tops.


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