Friday, April 6, 2012

Where has the time gone?

So many things are going on today! I love it!

I’m home from work with the day off. I LOVE three day weekends – wish they happened more often!

Perhaps the most important thing about today is the remembrance of Good Friday.

From Isaiah 53:5: “But he was wounded for the wrong we did;
he was crushed for the evil we did. The punishment, which made us well, was given to him, and we are healed because of his wounds.”

Also, I cannot believe it’s finally here…but today is OPENING DAY of baseball season!!! Yippeee!
The boys of Summer are BACK

I’m so excited to watch the Rangers/White Sox followed later by the Astros/Rockies!!


As if that wasn’t enough, this weekend also holds a VERY special place in my heart!

FIVE years ago…5….still can’t believe it….on this very weekend, I pledged my life and my heart to my one true love! 

It’s funny to me how the years fell. Five years ago (2007) Good Friday was on April 6th, Good Saturday was on April 7, and Easter Sunday was on April 8th. Five years later (2012), it fell the same exact way again! Which makes this weekend all the more special to me! :0)

Soooo…what was I doing on Good Friday 5 years ago?

Here’s a glimpse!


We not only filled the back of 2 SUV’s with all of my decor, we also had to rent a U-Haul!


Gotta love my dad! He always takes care of me! :0)


Yes, that’s me!


My BFF (and Matron of Honor) Jane!


My silly husband….anyone recognize this scene? He was pretending to be Sampson….you know, from the Old Testament….silly boy!


I spy my soon to be sister in law! At the time, we didn’t know if my brother would ever actually propose! Thank goodness he finally did!


Creating the “scene”…making sure everything was spaced out enough! :0)


All done! Yay!

Now on to the reception hall….


Cake table!


Someone woke up too early – and yes, he was actually asleep! We couldn’t find Jason anywhere! I discovered he was sleeping underneath his Grooms table! Hah!

After grabbing a quick late lunch then going home to change, we all returned for the Rehearsal!


My coordinator tricked me! She made Jason and his brother Jamie trade places! I didn’t even notice until I was more than halfway down the aisle!! HAH!


Working with the videographers on where I wanted everyone placed! Fun times!
The Rehearsal dinner was held in our Children’s Facility next to our Church.


My In-Laws did a great job of planning and hosting the dinner! The theme held an Italian feel and we were served lasagna for dinner!


We had the cutest Mickey/Minnie glasses to drink out of and our chairs were decorated with special seat covers!  Loved it all!

reh12 reh14

Family table!


Jason’s Grandmother and my Dad both said a few words about our families and our marriage.


We also played the slide show which would be shown again the following day at our wedding! :0)
After the Dinner, we had a video scavenger hunt! Boys vs Girls!!


We had a lot of fun….can’t you tell?! Hehe!

Stay tuned for more! :0)


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter weekend! That's awesome that you guys were married on Easter weekend and your big 5 year anniversary falls on Easter again!

  2. fun about the scavenger hunt! Cute idea! You are a brave women for doing all the decoration etc. yourself. I was stressed out and I didn't have anything to do with any of the set up. Way to be organized!


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