Monday, April 2, 2012

Run Louisiana TOUR!!

I know I’ve been MIA lately – I have a very good explanation for that one (I’ll explain later)….

My reason for blogging today is this:


The newly announced RUN LOUISIANA TOUR!! Eeek!

From the Tour’s announcement page:

Led by Claim Your Journey Founder, Brandon Williams, The Run Louisiana Tour travels through the state, making planned appearances at major races, stores, running clubs, and special nonprofit organizations dedicated to encouraging activity and preventing obesity in our families. Individuals will be able to track our appearances through a list of tour dates that will be available on and the Claim Your Journey Facebook page. This will make it easy for our audience to plan, track, and share tour dates with their friends and family.

The Run Louisiana Tour will visit nine different cities in Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mandeville, Hammond, Lafayette, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Monroe, and Shreveport. These cities all feature major races, running stores, running clubs, and nonprofit programs dedicated to running.

The goal of the tour is to raise awareness about obesity in Louisiana and help promote running as a healthier choice of physical activity!


Be sure to check out Brandon’s new truck, too! It’s pretty amazing!!

Help spread the word!!  :0)



  1. I'm excited for you!!!

    PS - I tagged you in my post today (


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