Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ACS Evening of Recognition Banquet

A few weeks ago, the American Cancer Society held their annual Evening of Recognition Banquet!
The members of the ACS Leadership Council presented the awards!
The hospital that I work at received several awards for our work with the American Cancer Society! We send patient referrals, we work with Relay for Life, and we donate above and beyond for various functions!
Erin, Katie, and I all received awards for our efforts with DetermiNation in 2011! All three of us also ran with DetermiNation again this year! :0)
Our Leadership Council!
I was tricked! Katie emailed a scrip to me and had a highlighted script for me on the table. The only place that included my name (award-wise) was DetermiNation. As our Council President was handing out Community Volunteer Awards (there were 5 of the night), I noticed that he was reading something that wasn’t included on my script! It was a little blurb about me and my volunteer efforts with ACS! I could not believe they tricked me!
This is me telling Katie that she was wrong for tricking me! Hah!
Community Volunteer Award! :0)
A few fellow associates!
My supervisor and I both received Community Volunteer Awards!
Overall, it was a great night! We had a lot of fun and it was great seeing how people from all over the area come together to support one great cause! I loved it!!
Jason and I stopped for a few pictures before we left….
eor12 eor14
This is the same place where our wedding reception was held! Fun times! :0)
Since this event, my boss and I have made it in several publications in the area. It’s really funny and a little odd to hear someone say “Hey! I saw you in such and such magazine yesterday!”
Fun times! Can’t wait for next year’s banquet! :0)

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