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NYC & Canada Day #3: Boarding the Disney Magic

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On Sunday morning we slept in a little later than usual, then got dressed and headed down stairs for breakfast.

Jason and I had a port arrival time of 11 a.m. while his parents was set for noon. We decided to arrive around 11 a.m. and hopefully they would let us all in!

We attempted to hail a cab and we prayed we would get an SUV type cab (since we had four large suitcases and four book sacks). With no such luck, a regular car-type cab pulled up to the curb, but we weren’t complaining. It’s hard to hail a cab in NY, especially when you have luggage with you! Two suitcases fit in the trunk while Jason and his parents held one across their laps, and I sat in the front seat with my 50 pound suitcase on my lap! After a few minutes, my feet started to fall asleep – but we made it to the port without any difficulty!


YAY the Disney Magic!! I was so excited to see the ship!


Home! :0)


This was so cute! I was taking pictures of Minnie as Mickey walked away. When he reached the window, he stood for a few minutes to get Minnie’s attention. When she noticed him standing at the window, they both started jumping up and down, waving and blowing kisses to each other. It was too funny!

We were all allowed to check in at the same time and we were given boarding group 4! Yay!

After boarding the ship, we went straight to Parrot Cay for the lunch buffet.

Around 1:30 p.m., we were able to check into our rooms. This was our first time having a Verandah room.


I was so excited and ready for a new adventure!!

dcl16 dcl19

The first thing Jason did when we got to our room was check out the Wave phone. He read the instructions carefully…. “Wave to Wave phone”…..


……then took the directions literally – he “waved” to the “Wave Phone”…..oh my…… He’s a Promise Kid.


After the mandatory life boat drill, we high tailed it up to Deck 10 for the Adventures Away party. I was honestly shocked at the lack of people on this cruise. Either the boat was not full or people just weren’t interested in the deck parties like usual.


Adventures Away!


New York Skyline from the Magic


Crew at the port bidding us farewell with Mickey hands! :0)

Before long, we approached the Statue of Liberty!


I was in awe!

dcl27 dcl28

After the party, we walked back to our rooms to get ready for dinner.


I spied my mother in law taking pictures from their Verandah! Hah!


This bridge was amazing!


Our first night’s dinner was at Parrot Cay.

The wait staff got word that I had a recent birthday so they sang Happy Birthday!

dcl36 dcl37 dcl38

I got a birthday cake….


….and a button! I LOVE that the Disney Cruise Line gives buttons to those who are Celebrating a special occasion now. They didn’t in the past so this is definitely a nice change!


Our first towel animal….made with our blanket! :0)


It’s a tradition at my in-law’s house to sign the birthday tablecloth after dinner. Since we weren’t able to celebrate my actual birthday at their house, my mother in law brought a piece of the table cloth with them for me to sign!  (It wasn’t actually a piece of the table cloth, just a scanned picture on paper.



We watched the show after dinner, then walked over to Rockin’ Bar D for the night time adult activities.


Goofy’s so silly!


N’Joy Live

Ever played Magic Quest before? It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts where each team is given a number and are asked to present an item. We got together with another couple and Team 22 was born!


Poor Jason was suckered into keeping the number most of the game!


He ran up with a sock….


….he even ran up with a male team mate while holding hands and skipping….yeah…..


I took the number one time because I had my car keys in my bag!

Overall, we had a great time and laughed so hard we cried! After Magic Quest, we watched Match Your Mate.


When we decided to call it a night, we came back to the room and I put the finishing touches on my Fish Extender gifts for delivery the following day. :0)

Overall, we had a great first day on board the Magic and couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the week would bring! :0)

Up next: Our first At Sea Day!

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  1. I LOVE magic quest! Last time, I ended up taking off my bra through my dress and giving it to a teammate to bring up and wear (a guy!) It was hilarious. Glad they did the birthday celebration! :)


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