Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick Weekend

My did it go you might ask?

Well, it was mostly spent with a sick toddler and I felt so bad for him. My kid has never spiked anything more than a very low grade temp so on Thursday when he ran fever of 101+ degrees and was downright miserable, I knew something wasn't right. I evaluated and debated his symptoms all afternoon and came to the conclusion that his teeth were bothering him since rotating schedule of tylenol and motrin made a VERY cranky child almost back to his normal self.

On Friday morning, his temp was almost back to normal (in the 99 degree range), but my coworkers talked me into calling for a doctor appt, just to make sure all was ok before the weekend. Imagine my surprise at the appointment when they opened his mouth to check the back of his throat (HELLO why didn't I think of that) and it looked awful! When a quick swab to check for strep came back negative, it was determined that Brayden had contracted Hand, Food, and Mouth Disease and the only treatment is symptom management with things like tylenol, motrin, and cold foods/beverages. Say WHAT?! 

Seriously. My child goes to Mother's Day Out one day a week for 5 hours, mainly for child interaction and he somehow contracted this crazy disease. (Please note I'm not blaming our Mother's Day Out as it's a wonderful program and we love them!) Stuff like this just happens and can't be helped sometimes.

Friday night was miserable. He woke up at midnight and wouldn't fall back asleep. He was miserable and restless and just couldn't get comfortable. We went from his bed to the rocker to my bed to the couch, back to the rocker then finally back to his bed. He wanted to suck on his pacifier so bad, but every time he tried, he would scream.

The only thing that made him finally settle down was the Hot Dog Song. On repeat. For one hour. Did you know that an hour long video of the Hot Dog Song on repeat exists on YouTube? Well, it does. You're welcome.

At 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, he finally fell back to sleep. Usually, Jason and I would rotate and take turns with something like this, but Jason was working nights all weekend so he missed out on all of the fun!

Do you think I was up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning for my usual long run? Negative. I slept until 8:30 a.m. when Brayden woke up. Around 10:30, I decided that I couldn't sit in the house any longer so I headed out for my run. I only made 5 miles and totally didn't complete the scheduled back-to-back for Dopey's Challenge but oh well - there's always next weekend.

By the time I set out for the run, it was already 93 degrees and super hot outside. I wasn't sure how long I would be able to run, but when I hit 5 miles I knew I was done. Running on very little sleep is never a good idea for me. I called it quits and decided that 5 miles was better than nothing!

By Saturday evening, Brayden seemed to be feeling a little better, so we met up with my friend Kim for dinner. Yep, when you feel horrible and can't swallow real food, you get frozen yogurt for dinner! He ate it up!

Thankfully, Saturday night was peaceful for all of us! We went to church on Sunday morning, but I decided to hold him out of the nursery as I didn't want to be the reason another kid caught this awful virus. Instead, we sat in the hallway, listened to the service overhead, and ate goldfish. Whatever works, right?

By Sunday evening, he wanted to be outside again, so we went for a 3 mile brisk walk. The sunset was gorgeous and although it was back to being humid again, we had a great time!

Although it wasn't a glorious weekend nor was it spent the way I originally planned, I'm glad that Brayden seems to be feeling a little better although the rash from the HFM looks awful. Hopefully it clears up soon and he's back to normal in no time!

How was your weekend? If you have a kid, have they ever come down with HFMD?


  1. Aww sorry to hear Brayden was sick all weekend. Glad he's starting to recover.


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