Monday, August 17, 2015

Jamaica Me Crazy

This past weekend, our local American Cancer Society hosted a Jamaica Me Crazy event! We've had great success with this event in the past but changed it over to a formal gala about six years ago. This year, we decided to again switch back to a fun/less formal event and voila...Jamaica Me Crazy returned!

We had a great time planning and setting up for this event!

This backdrop took over an hour to put together. At the end of the night, someone leaned a heavy object against it and it all came crashing down. :( At least it was the end of the night and not the beginning!

Since fire was not allowed inside the building, a "fake" fire of tissue paper was made for the tiki torches! 

One of our fundraising items was this treasure chest with boxes filled with goodies! The contents ranged from area restaurant gift cards to drink tickets or a piece of costume jewelry! Each box also included a raffle ticket for a $100 restaurant gift card at the end of the evening!

 Silent auction

Love my friends! :)

The area that hosted our event even roasted a pig in the spirit of Jamaica...or something like that!

Yummy themed food!

The desserts were even better!

Someone might have gotten a little carried away...

Another fundraiser option included the candles of hope table - candles were lit in honor and/or memory of a loved one battling cancer.

My parents were there, too!

...and now, a message from our sponsors... :)

The Flamethrowers were our evening entertainment. They are a local band who plays all over the place - they were great as always!

The event ended around 10 p.m. and it was super easy cleanup on our part. Thankfully, we were finished by 10:30 ish and were on our way home! I had to wake up early for a run the next morning, of course!

In all, we had a great turnout and really enjoyed this event! Can't wait for next year! :)

Have you ever attended a fundraising event such as this one? Formal or casual events...what's your preference?


  1. You ladies did a great job and looks like you had a great turn out. Such a fun theme! Our local hospital does a gala in the fall. It's pretty formal and I usually get invited as media to cover the event. Some day i'd like to go as a guest though!

    1. Thanks so much! The formal gala sounds like fun...I do love to get all dressed up! :)


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