Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bachelorette Weekend

Before I begin today's blog post, I want to take a minute to ask everyone to please keep the wife, son, family, and friends of Trooper Steven Vincent in your prayers. If you haven't heard the story, click here. This whole thing was such a senseless and ridiculous tragedy....everyone is in shock. I didn't know him, but he was a fellow marathon runner and everyone who knew him said he was an all around awesome guy. People don't realize how their actions affect not only one person's life but the lives of MANY people - in this case, Trooper Vincent was the father to a 9 year old son. If you think about them throughout the next few weeks, please lift them up in prayer.


This past weekend, the bridal party of an upcoming wedding spent Saturday and Sunday in Natchitoches, Louisiana for a bachelorette party!

What's an out of town trip without a stop at McAlister's for sweet tea? YES!

Well all crammed into an elevator with two luggage carts - not an easy task, I tell you!

In total, seven ladies were along for the fun! The bride is (obviously) the one with the crown on her head!

The evening began with shopping and dinner, followed by a lingerie shower and lots of fun games! 

Like our shirts? I found inspiration from google, cut the designs out from the silhouette, then ironed them onto the shirts! Love how they turned out!

We can be a little crazy sometimes! :)

Bridal party!

We ate dinner at a really good Italian restaurant and had fun with a little photo scavenger hunt while we were at it! 

Team Bride!

We stayed up way too late and laughed a LOT on Saturday night! Fun times all around! 

On Sunday morning, we stopped by the Steel Magnolia's House (from the movie Steel Magnolias) to take a few pictures and say hello!

Lunch was at a really good seafood restaurant called Papa's - the cup says Mama's but we were really inside of Papa's - they are sister restaurants and Mama's caught fire the evening before.

What does one order at a seafood restaurant? A turkey burger, of course! Whoops.

Anyway, it was an overall fun weekend and I enjoyed visiting Natchitoches again (it's been quite a while)!

Have you ever traveled out of town for a bachelorette party?


  1. I love those t-shirts! I might have to steal that idea at some point - so cute!

  2. The shirts are cute - the font looks like Disney, which is probably what drew you to it! ;) sounds like a fun weekend. Besides my sister's wedding (I was maid of honor), I actually haven't been a bridesmaid.

    1. Yes, the Disney font is what drew me to the shirts...you're right! :)

  3. The shirts are really cute! The murder of Officer Vincent is awful! I'm so sick of these things happening. People have no respect for authority.

    1. Me too. The lack of respect disgusts me...but I won't get on my soap box! :)

  4. Ah! I went to NSU and miss the spinach dip from Papa's! Looks like yall had fun! I need to get back there as well, particularly for Christmas Fest!

    1. Oh yes, I forgot you went there!! Such a fun little town! We talked about going back for Christmas time...sure hope it happens!


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