Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ran out of gas!

I went out this morning with the group and logged 8 miles. The way our runs work is we start at home base, run 6 miles, return to home base, then go out for 2 more miles. The first six miles were GREAT...then I got to home base and drank a little bit of water, ate an energy gel and started again. I only paused for like 2 minutes. OH my gosh the last two miles were hard! I got through them but it was hard. My hip flexors started tightening up. I tried to stretch them but it was awful! Ugh. Oh well! This is the 2nd time to do 8 miles and it wasn't like that before!

Also, last week wasn't the greatest running week. I was busy every night and only got to run on Tuesday night. I did 3 miles. So maybe that was the issue with today? Hmmm...

On a side note, WE FINALLY HAVE COLD WEATHER! It was amazing today! Low 60's ... cloudy ... it was great!! I loved it! I was freezing at first but I'd much rather run in the cold than the heat! (Louisiana cold that!)

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  1. Good job and even though that one night you only did 3, at least it was something. Take advantage of the cool weather, I find it so much easier to jog when it is cool outside! :)


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