Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feels like October

"Today feels like October and I'm LOVING it!" This comment was mentioned by a running group buddy as we set out on our run yesterday morning. There's a large group of us (about 10 or so) who all run together. Only problem is, everyone has different mileage to do because everyone is running different races. So, we started out with 6 miles...that's what most of the group had to run. I was supposed to run 12 miles and my other two friends are doing the Houston Full Marathon were to run 10 miles. They offered to do 12 miles with me which was SO very nice! So after we refueled, we set out on what we thought would be our next 6 mile journey.

We were VERY bored with the route...not that it was anyone's fault, we just all didn't want to run the route that was set out! lol So along the way, Tara started to pick flowers. Yes, flowers. Off of trees, bushes, wild flowers, anywhere she saw a flower, she picked it! We got to a water cooler that met up with another route so we decided to change routes and run that way instead, not realizing how much more mileage it would add to our run that morning! Whoopsie! However, this is where all the fun began!!!!

This route led us by a river! So naturally, along the way, we found some wildlife...and we saved some

Tara with her flowers and the sand crab we found. She put it back in the water and saved it's life from getting run over by a truck!

Poor crabbie!

Tara with her flowers! About the 8th mile, we all started acting like FOOLS! Jokingly, we said the flowers were "crack flowers" because seriously...we were acting crazy!!!! It was SO much fun!

Tara, Amanda, and I!

After running a little more, Amanda started screaming and points to this snake in the road. Of course, I joined in the screaming cause I HATE snakes! I calmed down a little when I realized it was a baby, but then I saw that it was a GROUND RATTLER and it was shaking it's tail and was ready to ATTACK so I kinda freaked out again! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I've never seen a ground rattler before! It was really scary!!!

We tried to save it's life too, but it wouldn't have any of we left it alone!

On our way back to home base, Tara decided to change the route up AGAIN so we ran down one of the busiest roads in our town!!! lol I hope no one that we knew saw us! Haha! It was decided that Amanda was a bad holder of the flowers cause she dropped some along the way.

So I got to be the holder of the flowers! :) I was told I was a good baby sitter! lol

We were the LAST ONES still running and back to home base in the end! We had hoped everyone had waited on us cause we had keys in the box! lol Usually, it's SO HARD to find your keys (cause there are hundreds stacked on top of yours), but it wasn't too bad that day! lol

Tara and her dang "stranger danger" whistle! She kept blowing it during our run! She usually carries pepper spray with her but today, she just had a whistle!

Soooo, if you could keep up with all of that silliness and you are still reading, thanks for sticking around! :0)

In total, we ran 13.5 miles. This is the longest distance any of us had run before and we had a BLAST doing it! I never knew 13 miles could be so much fun! :0) I mean, it's fun in races but we had no one pushing was just us and the road! We started about 5:30 a.m. and I was in my car by 9 a.m. (we took quite a few breaks...stayed and talked around after we finished, etc).

Now today, I am SORE and my entire lower body is aching. I'm going to take some Tylenol. Hopefully that helps! I have church this morning and a wedding/bridal shower tonight and then tomorrow, I'm taking the day OFF!! Woohooo! Hope everyone has a restful Labor Day!


  1. nice run and loved all the entertaining pics! enjoy your rest day!

  2. sounds lol! and a little weird hehe!
    so gross I ahte seeing snakes when I run, I have almost stepped on them before and I freak out! good job on the run!


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