Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I received my DetermiNation packet in the mail last week!  That means I’m officially official!! 
I am SO excited about running the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon (Full Marathon this time) with the American Cancer Society!  I had an AMAZING time last year from the Singlet decoration party to the Pasta Dinner to the Race itself – ACS really knows how to celebrate!!!  I think one of my most favorite parts of the race was the course support. Every few miles or so, groups of cheerleaders were there with cowbells and noisemakers and they really did a fantastic job of cheering us on! 
I’m also excited because this will be my first year to run the Full Marathon in New Orleans. I’ve run the Half the past two years but never the full so this should be interesting!

This race is in dedication and memory of my Great Uncle Buddy. How more perfect could it be that this race is in New Orleans – he was a resident of New Orleans for a lot of his life (as long as I can remember).  He lived there with his wife and she passed away a few years ago. They went through a lot in their lives together - they were survivors of Hurricane Katrina – their house had 8 feet of water in it - however, they gutted out their home, rebuilt, and continued living there.  Uncle Buddy passed away from carcinoma of the head/neck while on Hospice in that very home.  A few years back, he went through complete treatments of chemo/radiation.  His tumor returned early this past year and he passed away just a few months ago.

As I listened to his son speak at his funeral, I became angry - angry at this terrible disease, angry that it’s taken the lives of so many of my loved ones, angry that it destroys and tears apart families.

Sitting at his funeral, I came to a decision - I decided to run the Rock and Roll New Orleans Full Marathon in memory of my Uncle Buddy.


Even if I can’t find a cure on my own, I know I can do my part!  Raising money for cancer research helps with early detection and early prevention – finding cancer at an early stage makes a WORLD of difference in the course of cancer treatment/survival.  It also aids in helping to find a cure.
So, will you join me?  Will you help me create a world with LESS cancer and MORE birthdays?


Please consider a donation to my cause?  Every little bit helps!  Every mile has a meaning, every step a purpose. Thank you for your support!

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  1. i think this is the exact cruise david and I did last year after the Seattle marathon!! it was amazing and looks like you are having as much fun as we did!!


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