Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap – Pasta Party!

If you missed it, please see Part One of my Disney Princess Recap: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap – The Expo

After appetizers, we hopped on the Monorail for  EPCOT and the Pasta Party!

DSC_0142 DSC_0143

This was my first time ever attending a Disney Pasta Party. I really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I would do another one. I felt as if it was going to be a giant “party” – instead, they had a buffet type table set up and characters were along a backdrop for pictures. It was OK but not spectacular, especially considering the price!


Buffet style dinner


Heather ready for dinner!


Yummy pasta!


This butter cracked me up!


Lots of tables set up in the Wonders of Life Pavillion!

DSC_0150 DSC_0151 DSC_0153

These centerpieces cracked me up! Perfect for runners – BANANAS!

DSC_0164 DSC_0168

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. Rapunzel wasn’t very impressed by the picture of my sweet Madalynn attempting to eat her friend Pascal. Sad times. She did however tell me that her good friend Tiana is from my neck of the woods! :0)

After the dinner, we went outside for a special viewing spot for Illuminations!


They roped off the very middle of World Showcase for us! So neat!


I enjoyed having a viewing point for Illuminations without a ton of people around!

DSC_0187 DSC_0191

This would have been PERFECT had the towers, poles, and trees not been in the way!!


We left as soon as Illumiations was over so we could beat the crowd back to the monorail.


Desserts in the lounge followed Illuminations!

DSC_0201 DSC_0202

As well as turndown service!! :0)

To my surprise….



Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear the music, so I piped it in on my iPhone! Yay!

DSC_0229 DSC_0231

“You see, it’s just like I told you….Wishes CAN come true if you believe in them with ALL your heart. And the best part is…you’ll NEVER run out of Wishes. They’re shining deep down inside of you. Cause THAT, my friends is where the magic lives!”


A perfect ending to an amazing day! We fell asleep soon after Wishes was over – we had an early morning the next day for the 5K!

Up next: Royal Family 5K and a little park hoppin’!!


  1. fun times! what a great trip. I agree about the pasta party, I am glad we did it once so I can see what it's like but don't think I would do it again.

    1. Yes, exactly! I'm good with not doing it again, but it was fun! Miss you, friend!! :0)


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