Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goofy’s Challenge Packing List

With Goofy's Challenge only a few short days away (we are in the
single digits after all!), I decided it's time I make a packing list.
I haven't thought much about the race at all because it makes me
nervous and sick to my stomach. Not only have I not thought about the race as much as possible, I also have not planned my outfits for each race (totally NOT like me at all)!!


Guess I need to get on the ball with that one. We ARE T minus 8 days and counting after all. (OK now I'm really sick!!)

Goofy's Challenge poses a bit of a challenge for me - no pun intended. Not only am I flying to this race, I also have to pack DOUBLE of everything - two races, two of each necessary item.

I made a packing list to help myself out and decided to share it! If you’ve run Goofy’s Challenge before and have any tips, hints ideas, etc, please leave a comment! Also, if you think of something I missed on my list, leave it in a comment below.

• Running Shoes x 2 just in case it rains on the day of the Half
• Running Socks x 2 pair
• Race Shirts x 2 (long and short sleeve)
• Race Bottoms x 2
• Sports Bras x 2
• Throw Away Sweat Shirts/Bottoms x 2
• Sweaty Bands x 2
• Hats x 2 (Ball Cap, Winter Hat, Winter Ear Muffs, etc)
• Throw Away Gloves
• Compression Tights for Recovery

Race Essentials
• GU Gels
• Body Glide
• Breakfast Items x 2
• Garmin with charger
• iPhone Arm Case
• yurBuds
• Knee brace
• Extra safety pins for pinning on the bibs
• Atomic Balm/BioFreeze
• Tylenol
• SpiBelt
• Race Camera
• Ziplock Bags
• Sunglasses
• Hand Warmers (Hot Hands)
• Chapstick
• Foam Roller
• Tissue/Toilet Paper


•       Race Waivers
•       SLR Camera

I am praying it will not rain during either race. My IT band does not cooperate in the rain.

I hope I can fit everything I need plus "normal" clothes for the week in one suitcase! If not, I might have to borrow a corner of my
husband's luggage! :0)

Did I miss anything?


  1. Don't forget trash bags in case it rains....just for waiting in the corrals of course! Happy packing Karen and hope to meet you at the most magical place on earth!

  2. I see a lot of people recommending cheap rain ponchos or garbage bags in case it rains (especially if it's raining while you are standing in the corrals). I really hope it stays dry for you guys!!

  3. I haven't even started thinking about my outfits or what to pack. So SO nervous!

  4. Thank you sooooo much for this list Karen! I just printed it out to make sure I don't forget anything :)

  5. Agree about the trash bags. It used to seem like there was always someone giving away the plastic ponchos at race expos. I haven't seen them in a long time, though. Someplace like Target or Kmart might have them if you don't like the Hefty bag look.
    Assuming you'll be not only doing the races, but a lot of other walking around the parks...perhaps band-aids? One never knows when a blister might decide to visit.

  6. Thanks for the list Karen - reminded me of a couple things I missed on my own list!

    Good luck on the Goofy!

  7. Was doing a search for ideas of what to pack and found your page. I'm doing Goofy this year as well - just wanted to say good luck to you!

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