Friday, November 8, 2013

Fitness Friday–11/8

This week has been a super busy one – seems like I had an event almost every night. Even though I didn’t run a lot, I still made some form of a workout my priority.

Currently training for: Woman’s Half Marathon - December 8, Louisiana
Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon – February 2, 2013, Louisiana

Saturday – 8 mile run, Squats/Lunges/Foam Roll/30 Day Core Challenge
Sunday – Squats/Lunges/Foam Roll & Ice/30 Day Core Challenge
Monday – Rest Day; Foam Roll & Ice
Tuesday – Squats/Lunges/Foam Roll & Ice/30 Day Core Challenge
Wednesday – I added 10 pounds of weight to my Squats/Lunges Routine; also the 30 Day Core Challenge
Thursday – 3 mile run – no knee pain! It’s getting there, y’all! 
Friday – Foam roll & Ice; I have a 10K tomorrow so I’m not going to run today

Click here if you are interested in the Core/Ab Challenge.

I removed Scissor Kicks from the 30 Day Challenge because I realized they were aggravating my right hip. Once I removed them from my routine, things really started feeling better! Icing and foam rolling consistently help as well.

Overall, I’m feeling stronger and was excited to add weights to my squats/lunges routine this week! 

Apart from workouts, here’s what I did for fun this week!

On The Town

Saturday night, I attended a benefit dinner with my parents. The food was delicious and the entertainment was great!

Superhero Sunday

On Sunday, the kids/adults at church dressed as Superhero's for “Super Hero Sunday”! We had so much fun. Only sad part…most kids asked “Who are you supposed to be?” Apparently they are deprived of the good ol’ days. I used to have a crush on Robin. Seriously.


Teehee! :0)

Lost Dogs

I put my superhero powers to use on Sunday night and saved these two sweet babies from being lost! After posting their pictures on Facebook and in a lost/found dog group in my area, the dogs were reunited with their owners! The power of technology, I tell ya!

Rental Car

Monday, I discovered that the coolant was leaking out of my vehicle. After a quick check, I was told that I had a crack in my radiator. Thankfully, warranty covered it all. In the meantime, I had fun driving this Cruze around – it sure made me miss my Mazda 6!

Mall Madness

This one is kind of a family joke – as a kid, my brother and I used to LOVE playing Mall Madness. Yes, my brother. One time, I even caught him and a friend playing this game when I wasn’t home! (I haven’t let him forget it, either.) This past summer, we attempted to play this game once again, but the console was completely dead. I found a replacement on eBay and it arrived this week! I’m looking forward to  Thanksgiving fun times ahead!

Good Run

The one weekday run I had this week was awesome – I enjoyed the cooler temps and really found my groove. No knee pain, either! Yay!

Share Joy Red CupSpinach and Artichoke Dip

Yesterday, I had a small lesion below my clavicle removed and am now the proud owner of my first set of stitches, ever. The lesion wasn’t a mole, I actually have no clue what it was – and it was sent off for biopsy. Part of me is freaking out (because of what I see everyday) and the other part is not. I’ve decided that worrying won’t help anything so I might as well not worry until the results come back. In the meantime, I enjoyed a cup of Starbucks and delicious spinach/artichoke dip last night! Yeah!

Pixie and Madalynn

Finally, Pixie and Madalynn wish you a super happy and fun-filled weekend!

Has anyone put up their tree yet? I’m thinking ours will go up the weekend before Thanksgiving.


  1. I can't believe the kids didn't know who Robin was, especially when you were standing next to Batman! They probably wouldn't even get seeing BAM! or POW! typed up large. I worry for our next generation. ;)

    Glad your car was fixed for free - that's the best kind of car trouble to have!!

    1. Isn't it sad? I agree, very worried about future generations!! Thank you, I'm glad it was free, too! Have a great weekend!

  2. I loved Mall Madness! I didn't own it so anytime I was over my friend's I made her play it with me. EVERY time :-)

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling stronger! You did awesome this week.

  4. Sounds like a pretty good week Karen! Those pups are adorable, I'm glad you reunited them with their owners! I usually put the tree up on Thanksgiving or the day after, but this year it will go up early by a day. My mom is going to my sister's (out of town) for Christmas, so she's coming out to our house for thanksgiving and I figured since she won't be here on Christmas, I would put the tree up for Thanksgiving! LOL

  5. Kids these days are missing out on so much....not knowing who Robin is (shaking head)

    1. Yes, that's what I did most of the morning too...shaking my head! Hah!

  6. You really did have a busy week girl! Glad you had a pain free run!

    1. Thanks will have a pain free run soon, too!

  7. Karen,
    Okay, you've convinced me to get roller! Sounds like you're had a busy week. Isn't it amazing how strong you are physically and mentally?!

    1. Yay! Rollers make such a big difference! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Oh Mall Madness! That was such a fun game!


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