Monday, October 23, 2017

14 Mile Training Run

There's a million things that go through a runners mind while marathon training - can I do it, will I be able to stand the training, 26 miles...holy cow, early Saturday mornings, eating right, taking proper care of our bodies, the list goes on and on.

When it came to my Dopey training cycle and how far I've come so far, I'm not gonna lie - I was worried. To this point, I'd only run a 12 mile training run as my highest mileage and that would get me to a half but a half AND a full? Yikes. Don't get me wrong, I know I still have plenty of time to train, but I'm not one to sit back and watch time pass by - I like to have a plan and stick to it. Another kink in my plans was our vacation. Our September cruise date was pushed into October which kinda threw my training schedule off a little bit.

So when we returned home from vacation, I knew that this past Saturday was my day for 14 miles. Although I felt as if I was coming down with something on Friday (chills, sore throat, stopped up sinuses), I did all I could to fight it off - drank lots of water, took a short nap on Friday afternoon after work, soaked in a soothing bath, and went to sleep early on Friday night.

Thankfully, it somewhat worked and I felt much better on Saturday morning!

I started my run a bit later than planned because I had to make an emergency stop into WalMart on my way into town. I thought my KT Tape container was full when I got in my car, but I quickly realized that I only had 2 strips of tape instead of 3. Ouch. I didn't want to chance anything going crazy, so I stopped for a quick detour for KT Tape. Sad times for me - there was no KT Pro Tape available so I had to buy the regular tape. Although I knew it wouldn't stick well, I purchased it anyway as I figured some was better than none. 

14 Mile Long Run

Once back on the road, I began thinking out my plan for the morning and I really really really started to miss my running group. I never had to think through ALL of these aspects before (like water, powerade, potty stops, different routes to change things up, having people out there so I'm not completely alone in the dark, etc)...and I don't like it one bit. Thankfully, a buddy from my old running group had a water cooler set up where I could take a 4 mile loop once, then return back to my car, and complete two five mile loops with a stop at my car between each. As you know, I HATE running with water bottles or water belts, so I try to find spots with water fountains throughout town. Each return to my car holds gatorade and a GU.

14 Mile Long Run

Lots of wildlife were out and about on Saturday morning including squirrels and several bunnies! The bunnies were too fast for me to snap a picture, though.

14 Mile Long Run

As I returned to my car after the four mile loop, I realized that Saturday morning was the morning of a GIANT breast cancer walk in my town. The founder of the breast cancer walk passed away from pancreatic cancer this year, so I knew it would be even bigger than before. The last time I walked this one with my dad (several years back), I remember the crowds of people that completely filled the downtown streets from one side to the other as far as you could see. It's super amazing and incredibly encouraging, but I did not want to be in their way. Instead, I ran a piece of the 5 mile loop twice (coincidentally, it's a part of the 5 mile loop I can't stand) which gave a bit of extra time for the walk to pass through. I was definitely happy to have that giant loop out of the way.

14 Mile Long Run

The plan worked out perfectly and although I did encounter part of the walk, it was mostly the end of the walk and I was not in the way at all!

14 Mile Long Run

At this point, I had 3 miles left in my run and as I passed the park, I noticed a few familiar people - it was one of my best friends, her husband, and her little girl! I am so glad I had the opportunity to stop and talk to her for a few minutes!

14 Mile Long Run

After splitting from her, I finished the final 3 miles and called it a day. Despite my wonky piece of KT Tape, neither my IT Band or my hamstring bothered me at all, ever (YAY)!

It amazes me how we as runners are able to disconnect from everything going on around us and simply run. You know how sometimes a three mile afternoon run seems to last FOREVER but flies by during a long run? That is incredibly crazy to me and just goes to show that running truly is a mental sport. It's all in your mindset!

14 Mile Long Run

Lots of podcasts were listened to during this run which kept me company along the way. By the end of it, I was DRENCHED! It was warm and humid outside and simply...yucky.

14 Mile Long Run

Just because it's my luck...the weather decided to turn cool on Sunday. The day after my long run. Of course.

14 Mile Long Run

During the run, I decided to walk 2 minutes after reaching each mile. That really seemed to help so I think I'm going to adapt that mindset during long runs from here on out. I was definitely able to run longer and didn't feel as if I was going to pass out during the last mile. Although these long runs are hard, I do feel as if I'm getting stronger each time. I felt SO much better during mile 12 of this run than I did during mile 12 of my last long run! Progress, people!

After this weekend, I now have three really long runs left - a 16 mile, an 18 mile, and a 20 mile. I am going to borrow an idea from Kathryn and run an extra 7 miles the morning of a local half marathon for my 20 mile day. Now to add in a 16 and an 18 mile run and I'll be good to go!

As an end to a great day, the Astros also clenched the ALCS for a trip to the WORLD SERIES! OMG. Needless to say, I was slightly freaking out! 

The. Astros. Are. In. The. World. Series. Y'all...I can't believe it!

How is your marathon training going so far? Feeling confident? Scared? Nervous? 
(Yes to all of the above is how I currently feel!) 


  1. I don't know how you can run in the same climate as me without carrying water - I get thirsty well before your 4 or 5 mile water stops! And it was stupid humid and hot on Saturday here as well; the unfairness of running kicked in when that cold front arrived on Sunday, after our long run. But kudos to you for hitting 14 miles! That's a big milestone.

    Do you ever preplan your routes the day before a long run? I use Map My Run - now, it's for our little band of Renegades, but it is nice to know the route ahead of time.

    P.S. My running buddy is a huge Astros fan and it's been fun to see her excitement as they played last week and made it to the World Series - YAY!!! Fun times for everyone now!

    1. Oh no, there's NO way! I plan my running routes around local water fountains around town! Water is always about 1.5 miles away. YAY for the Astros...I'm SO excited! how fun for your friend, too!

  2. Congrats on completing a strong training run, and yay for your IT band holding up. Realizing that you don't have enough of something when you need it is always frustrating, but yay for being able to quickly resolve that issue.

  3. I did my entire run yesterday in wind and clouds, and then the sun came out right after I arrived home. Really, Mother Nature? Weather is just so finicky.

  4. I feel like I'm never "not" nervous for a marathon. It's a huge distance and it always freaks me out a little! All you can do is trust your training and hope things go right on race day!


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