Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was perfect here and we enjoyed spending time with our families!

Saturday morning began with a day-long change in plans. Initially, we were going to attend an Easter Egg hunt that was being put on by Jason's workplace followed by a few errands for Brayden's upcoming birthday party. Well, Jason got called into work first thing on Saturday morning. Since the egg hunt wasn't actually AT his physical workplace, we decided not to go. It's like I told him, Brayden didn't know any different this year anyway.

I had also planned a solo run that morning but instead, I grabbed a few things for Brayden to eat and set out on a 4 mile run around the neighborhood. We added a new route this time which gave an extra half mile so that was nice, too!

After the run, we cleaned up and headed out to finish a few errands. On the way to Toys R Us (since we have gift cards and they are closing), I turned to check on Brayden in the backseat for half a second and veered to the right. Whatever was on the right side of the road decided to take a chomp out of my tire. I instantly knew it was flat but was thankfully very close to Toys R Us, so I parked in their parking lot. Since Jason was working, I called my dad who agreed to come rescue me and teach me how to change a flat. (The last time this happened, I was a teenager in high school!)

I am so thankful for my amazing dad!

Once we made it home, Brayden napped while I boiled a few eggs for egg dyeing! We hadn't attempted this yet and I wasn't sure how it would go, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway.

He participated in every part of egg dyeing and loved watching the tablets fizz!

His new favorite phrase is "There you go" after every egg, he would say it! So funny!

We made six eggs and now I wish we had dyed more because he enjoyed it so much!

He LOVED doing this and I'm so glad we took part in this together! So fun!

My favorite egg is Brayden's stickered one. So precious!

After egg dyeing, I had dinner with a couple of high school friends who were in from out of town!

It was so fun to catch up with them!

Easter Sunday morning came and so did the Easter Bunny!

Brayden loved his basket and enjoyed finding eggs around the house that the Easter Bunny hid for him!

For breakfast, we had cinnamon rolls that were pinterest inspired...although my bunnies looked more like bears or Mickeys to me! Oh well!

We attended church on Easter Sunday followed by Easter dinner at Jason's parent's house.

Another egg hunt ensued although Brayden wasn't terribly interested this time. Oh well, what can I say? He's only (almost) two.

After Sunday nap time, we stopped by my parent's house to say hello and also drop my car off at the auto shop. I wrote on the paper "Another tire (yes, another one)" - since this is my fourth tire repair (second brand new tire) since January. The others all involved nails although I have no idea where they are coming from!

...and that about wraps it up for our Easter weekend filled with fun! I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend as well!


  1. Despite everything that happened on Saturday, it sounds like Easter weekend overall was a good one for you guys. So many cute pictures of Brayden, I love them!

  2. You did great with rolling with all the changes - but ugh to flat tires! That is not fun at all. Brayden looks so cute with his dyed Easter eggs, what a fun tradition to start with him!

    1. I’m glad he enjoyed it so much! I’m even more excited about next year! :)

  3. Flat tires are the worst! But those bunny cinnamon rolls are so cute :)

  4. How fun that Brayden did such a good job dying those Easter eggs! He looks so cute in his Easter outfit and in his Easter jammies!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Your eggs came out super cute - must be an artist-in-the-making


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