Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Expo 2019

Earlier this month, my friends and I participated in the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World. We visited the Expo on the second day of its opening to pick up our bibs, packets, and do a little shopping!

Something I love about runDisney is there's never a lack of signage or cast members to ask directions from. It makes everything super easy to navigate!

With this being the 10th year for the Wine & Dine Half, runDisney had the Expo all decked out with signage and celebrations!

I loved how they paid homage to the themes of all of the different Wine & Dine races since 2010!

I might have worn my "I did it" shirt from the very first Wine & Dine Half! I know this is going to sound silly, but this is a race I ran on the inaugural year, the 5th year, and now the 10th year. I kind of like that pattern and want to keep it up!

Our first stop after picking up our bibs was the runDisnney merchandise area!

Speaking of merchandise - visiting on the second day was interesting and always a little nerve racking because you never know what the hot ticket item will be and what will be sold out. This year, it was definitely the pins. I have a pin from every single runDisney race I've run and I never pre-purchase them. Well, I guess I will need to now because the only pins that remained for sale at the Expo were from the 5K. I also missed going to the after party at Epcot but I know they had a special edition pin there. Oh well.

The passholder merchandise also seemed to go pretty quickly but other than that, I can't think of anything else I saw that was missing or seemed to be out of stock. (If you know of something else that sold out quickly, please let me know!)
After navigating through the runDisney official merchandise area, we walked over to the Visa center to pick up our race shirts and browse through the rest of the expo. Since runDisney has moved out of this building, it's created a lot of extra room! I like it!

I loved all of the photo opportunities at the expo!

We quickly glanced through several booths but didn't purchase anything. I came super close to getting a travel sized BFF but decided against it. Maybe one day!

Our friends were waiting on us at Animal Kingdom (so was lunch), so we said goodbye the Expo for now...

...but not without a few pictures, first!

I mean, we just had to!

My little kids racer wasn't feeling it at all. He was tired and just wanted a nap!

Bye, Wide World of Sports! Until we meet again!

This race is on the smaller side when in comparison to Marathon Weekend and I love that about it! If you're looking at running your first runDisney event and are leery about the crowds, this would be a great race to start with! Don't get me wrong, it's still crowded but it's not marathon weekend level of crowds! 

Up next: The 10K! 

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