Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon

New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities to run through. The sights and sounds of the city combined with the beautiful architecture and gorgeous homes all make for an amazing race experience. 

This year, my friend Melissa and I wanted to bring a little Disney flare to New Orleans and that's where our outfits were born!

I searched high and low for shirts I liked and couldn't find any available in our sizes. Instead, I decided to make them. Another fun Disney touch? The font I used for the shirt's slogan is also a Disney one! 

Another thing I love about Rock n Roll races is the start time. I actually feel like I get to sleep in when compared to runDisney events!

Thankfully, we were only a short walk to the start line from our hotel (Hilton Riverside).

The race start was delayed by 20 minutes and we were seriously freezing. I was so glad I remembered to snag a few packs of hot hands before the race!

The crowd behind us seemed endless!

Before long, it was time to run!!

Something I love about Rock n Roll races is they truly attempt to bring out the culture of the area to their events. From Mardi Gras floats to Second Line Bands and great courses, they really are a great way to "see" New Orleans city by foot!

There were so many inspirational runners on the course, too. Take this guy for example...

The weather was perfect for this race and as we gained mileage, I was so happy we decided to wear shorts instead of capri tights.

Along one of the backdrops, we saw a line form and wondered what was going on. Well, when we saw people taking pictures, we decided to join in!

Since we were both injured for this race, we planned to take it slow and just enjoy the scenery. We literally ran/walked the entire thing and had a blast!

I loved how bananas were available at one of the water stops! Such a nice touch!

Before long, we were looping back towards the French Quarter and Jackson Square.

This cathedral along with Cafe du Monde located just across the street are quintessential New Orleans "must do's"!

Hello Mile 12! I of course had to stop for my traditional mile 12 photo!

Forest Gump was even out and about for all the fun!

Our husband's text us their location along the finish line route so we knew where to look and they got some hilarious video footage of us finishing the race. Think: slo-mo...

We did it! It might have taken us almost three hours, but we did it! I have no regrets on the timing of this race for us as we literally spent so much time playing around, taking pictures, and just enjoying ourselves!

The food after the race was in plenty, but we somehow missed the chocolate milk. Instead, we picked some up at Starbucks on the walk back to our hotel.

Another nice offering by Rock n Roll are the free transportation shuttles. Since this race does not start and end in the same location, shuttles are available to take spectators to the start line and runners/spectators back to the downtown area once the race is over.

We loved spending the weekend with our friends!!

Our post-race lunch took place at the Ruby Slipper Cafe. It was delicious!!

I had the roast beef eggs benedict and it was seriously delicious!

Before saying a final farewell to our friends, we stopped by Cafe du Monde for a few souvenirs for our friends back home!

If you're ever thinking of running this race, you should! We really enjoyed our weekend and had a blast through it all!


  1. I ran the 10k, so much fun! Love your costumes!

  2. It's nice, once in a while, to have a race where you can take the time to enjoy all of the extras along the course. Sounds like a great weekend with your friends.

  3. This is one of the RnR Halfs I would like to do! In the meantime, I am going to run the Need For Speed at NAS Belle Chasse


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