Friday, April 17, 2020

4 Year Old Update

Well, here we are - year 4. I seriously blinked and my sweet squishy baby is now a full grown little boy (still sweet). 

Although we were quarantined for his birthday, we seriously had one of the best days ever! I set out to make it a memorable day and it ended up being just that for all three of us. 

We spent the day playing, making a birthday cake, and just having a fun day together. It truly was a wonderful day - one that left my heart feeling full of gratitude.

He was SO proud of his "teddy worm" cake!

A few friends even stopped by in a mini-cavalcade to sing happy birthday!!

At the end of the evening, we gathered our family via facetime to sing happy birthday to Brayden. It was so sweet and special to have everyone together, even if it was just via technology! Although we are still planning on having a party for him (at a later date), this day will definitely be one we will remember forever!

So, what has Brayden been up to these past six months? Well, let's take a look!

Clothing: Still 3T tops, 4T pants. His growth rate has slowed down a little for sure, although he's a tall kid! He's in a size 9 shoe.
Diapers: Nope! He is fully potty trained both day and night so no more pullups at night, either!
Weight: 39 pounds (estimated)
Height: 41 inches (estimated)

In November, we took Brayden on his very first Disney Cruise! Prior to the cruise, we spent a few days in Walt Disney World, running a few races and enjoying time with friends!

Brayden ran his second 100m dash during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend!

He also discovered the skyliner for the very first time and he fell in LOVE! I mean, look at that face...

If we never bought park tickets and soley rode the skyliner on repeat, this would be the happiest kid in the world! (I exaggerate on that one but you get my point.)

Brayden's first Disney Cruise also meant his first time at Castaway Cay! He had a ball swimming in the ocean and he loved the beach!

In December, we had yet another Grinch performance. Brayden loved seeing his momma's silly nose!

For Christmas, my dad and mom bought Brayden his first "big boy" bike and he was in heaven!

While in Texas for Christmas with my family, my brother let him push a few buttons in his police car, too!

What fun!!

Throughout the past six months, I've seen so many changes in Brayden. His looks, his demeanor, his personality - they are all growing and developing and it's so fun to watch! No longer does he look like a baby or a toddler but he's truly grown into a little boy. He has the goofiest personality and loves to make people laugh (so much like his dad).

Brayden LOVES school and his little friends. He has learned so much and absorbs everything. He can count pretty high (almost to 100 - just needs a little help) and we are starting to work on addition. He loves numbers!

The past six months also brought along his first two trips to urgent care - one for a random rash we couldn't figure out and another for the flu.

Poor kid just couldn't escape it. (His whole class at school had it.)

As far as nap time goes, Brayden still takes a daily afternoon nap for about 2 (sometimes 3) hours. He mostly sleeps all night but has discovered how to crawl out of his toddler bed and into mommas bed. (It happens a couple of nights a week.) I don't mind because I know it won't last forever.

In February, we visited Walt Disney World again for the Princess Half Marathon.

We had a whole lot of fun and even guessed it...skyliner riding!

As far as eating goes, not much has changed in that department. Brayden is not a very adventurous eater and still sticks to his usual staples - waffles, chicken nuggets and french fries, spaghetti, tacos, any and all fruit, etc...

For favorite movies/shows, Brayden loves Paw Patrol, Toy Story, and more Paw Patrol. Isn't it funny how kids go through phases?! Cracks me up.

This kid can TALK. He is speaking in full sentences now and misses NOTHING! He also doesn't forget anything and still talks about seeing Stitch in the kids club from our Disney Cruise in November!

This photo was taken on his final day to be a three year old. We are loving four so far and are excited to see what the next year has to bring! Stay sweet little dude, momma and daddy love you! 

For a list of previous Brayden updates, check them out here! Thanks for following along in our journey!!


  1. Time goes by so fast - I remember when he was born and you introduced Brayden to Blogland! Happy 4th Birthday to Brayden!!!

  2. I am sure he will not forget this birthday!
    I like the update: I see that he is an athlete too!!! My 3rd grandson will be 4 in august and I love to spend my time with him (and with the other 2 grandsons too).


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