Thursday, November 4, 2021

Halloween 2021

Happy November! I know I've been MIA for a while now and holy's because life has been insane. Honestly, I know everyone's life is insane so it's not a legit excuse, but there it is. For me to miss not only my dog grooming appointment but also the appointment I rescheduled because I missed the first one...well, if you've been around here long enough, you know that's totally out of character for me! So in the early morning hours of this Thursday, I decided to take a few moments to sneak on here and share a little glimpse of our Halloween of 2021. 

As I think back on my blog and what I want to get out of it over time, I like to not only share our lives "in the moment", but also to look back on it as a resource and to reflect back on memories. So if I'm absent here or there, please be patient with me. I've said it from the moment I had Brayden and I'll say it again - life passes us by SO quickly. I'm trying to soak up every single moment I can with my sweet five year old boy!

Anyway, back to Halloween! If you remember from his birthday party this year, my child has been obsessed with Moana over the past year or so. When we were discussing Halloween costume items, he immediately jumped on Maui. Since we already had Maui's hook on hand from Brayden's birthday party, the rest was fairly easy to put together. His costume came from Amazon and the necklace from Etsy. For reference, I did purchase Maui's hook on eBay back in the spring. 

When I told one of my best friends about Brayden's costume, she asked her daughter if she wanted to be Moana and viola - their duo was born! We attended various trunk or treat type activities over the course of a couple of weekends and they were SO cute!! 

Jason was off work for Halloween weekend, so we had the chance to trick or treat together! Yay!

We attempted the Maui wig for about zero point three seconds, then it went away!

So, Jason took it! HAH!

On Halloween night, we visited several safe neighborhoods in our area. It's so much fun when everyone comes out and sits at the edge of their driveway to join in the festivities!

At one house in particular, they had the grim reaper there, giving out ramen noodles. Seriously the funniest part of the night!

We also spotted Santa again! He was the same Santa from last year and I told him he made our Christmas card from 2020! He thought that was too funny!

Our favorite photographer also did a little mini fall session of Brayden! We went with both a Halloween costume as well as a regular fall outfit.

I just love mini sessions and preserving the various seasons of his life. As you can obviously tell, photos are important to me!

I hope this has found all of you doing well and with a new season upon us, I wish you all the best and happy things! I will be back with more trip fun from our August WDW vacay as well as various upcoming running adventures! Stay tuned and Happy Halloween, Happy Fall, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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