Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday week!

I'm ashamed to say last week was so busy with BIRTHDAY FESTIVITES and CAKE that I haven't had much time to run! Hehe!

I ran 4 miles Monday! Was only supposed to do 3. I was supposed to run the 4 mile run on Tuesday but I knew I would be taking a girls bridals Tuesday afternoon and I knew I'd get a workout from that like last time! Haha! Great weather....did I mention already that I'm loving it? lol!

Tuesday was a ROUGH and BUSY day at work! I didn't get a lunch break because I had to work through lunch. I barely even got to sit down so I know I got a lot of exercise! I also took a girl's bridals after work! It was HOT outside!

Wednesday after church, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party and because I knew my parents were taking me out for my birthday on Thursday, I was going to get up early and go run at the gym but I didn't get to bed until midnight so that didn't happen!

Friday, we went out of town again for a friends' wedding. In the mean time, we stopped at a running store there so I could check it out and it was really neat! I didn't buy anything though! lol!

I had checked it out to make sure our hotel had a fitness center before I booked it and the website said they did. Well, I was supposed to run 6 miles on Saturday morning....I got up early like usual and made my way to the "FITNESS CENTER". OMG Seriously? I had to walk OUTSIDE the building and around by the pool. then I had to use my key to get into this remote room where I felt like if I turned my back, someone could come in and get me! It was so scary. The room was hot and stuff becuase the air was OFF so I had to turn it on and wait a few minutes. Well, the water fountain was covered in mildew EEWWWW and the treadmill I wanted was broken. So I tried the other treadmill and I think it was the oldest thing I had ever seen! The incline wouldn't go below 1.5 and I'm used to running at a 1. I could have handled that but it was the constant squeaking (it was LOUD) while I was running! I was so mad! I got off and thought maybe I could try the elliptical?? Well, even though it hurts my knees I was willing to try. The tension was SO HIGH I could barely push down on the pedals! Same thing with the other elliptical and I pushed every button I could find and nothing worked! Did I mention that one squeaked too???? So I jumped on the bike that had NO tension by the way and programed it to do intervals which was so easy it's not even funny. I did 6 miles on there which I know is nothing like actually running 6 miles but whatever. I was so mad and disappointed when I left there! I will not be going back!!! I left that as a comment, too. lol! Oh yeah, and they don't have money to update their fitness center but they do have enough money to buy a Westinghouse flatscreen to put in there?!? What????

This morning I got up and went to the gym and got in my 3 miles for the day! Yay!

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