Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is my little girl Madalynn. She is a dog that we adopted about 5 months ago. She is a Cocker Spaniel and she's such a sweet heart! I also own another dog, a Yorkie who is about 5 lbs. Madalynn has become my new running buddy on my week day runs! She LOVES to run! When I do 4 miles, I usually run 2, then go inside and get her and she runs the rest of the way with me. It helps for her to run cause she can get some of her pent up energy out! Hah!

We walked/ran with my mom on Sunday night. It was supposed to be my off day but I couldn't help it - the weather was too gorgeous! We got in 2 miles before it got too dark to see anymore!

Last night, I was supposed to do 4 miles but I was SO incredibly tired and I felt like I was getting sick again so I stayed around the house and watched Make it or Break it and Secret Life! lol I went to bed about 9 p.m. and I feel much better now so hopefully it wasn't me getting sick again! We'll see!

So that means that today will be 4 miles! I think my mom is going to do some of it with me too! I'm glad she's getting into it more...I think it will give her something fun to do and it's definitely a stress relief!


  1. you are lucky, I wish i lived close enough to family to have my mom run with me!
    and I wish my dogs had longer legs so they could run with me, too lol!

    I didn't run yesterday either!

  2. Aww, I want a dog badly - so yours is amazing and that you can have an enjoyable walk with your mom and dog! Hope you feel better too if you are getting sick.

  3. I am so glad mother is getting into running and walking with you. I think this will help her a whole lot! You are right, it is a definte stress reliever.


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