Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last "really long" run

It's officially 1 month until the Rock and Roll NOLA Mardi Gras Half Marathon! I'm really excited to run this one because I am doing this one for a time. I ran Disney for fun, I stopped and took pictures, etc. but this race, I am going to try and go strong until the end. Hopefully I make it! Our goal time is 2:30 minutes. We'll see if we make it! I'm running this one with a good friend of mine, Heather. Hopefully the crowds aren't so thick that we can't get through like they were at Disney!

Yesterday, my running group ran our last "really long run" before NOLA. The halfers were running 12 and the full people were running 21. It was REALLY cold and overcast outside (I was almost having Disney It had rained the day before so it as a little wet out, too. Yuck. I ran with a few friends and we walked at the beginning and we still finished before 2:30 so hopefully Heather and I will reach our goal at NOLA.

After running, I took the longest, hottest shower ever on record! lol I just felt like I couldn't warm up! My husband checked the mail later on in the day and gave me a package that he had ordered for me! It was a total surprise!! He had ordered this for me:

Isn't he sweet? I LOVE IT!! It came with 2 so I can put one on my car and put one in my scrapbook!

I'm for sure taking today off. Although I'm not a sore as I thought I would be! That really shocks me! After the half, I was so sore I couldn't even sit crossleg on the floor! Now I feel my hip flexors but they are not nearly as bad as they were last time! Which is GREAT! I'm so excited about that!!!! Maybe I'm getting better! lol


  1. karen that sticker is so cute, where did yall get it?
    good job on the run, I am so excited for our race!
    Yesterday my mom and I went shopping and as wew ere walking in the parking lot in the freezing cold and wind we both talked about Disney flashbacks from the race haha!

  2. Heather I think he ordered it from ebay somewhere...I'll have to ask him. I'm excited for the race, too! It's coming fast!!! lol about the Disney flashbacks!

  3. WOW great job on the 12 miles Karen!! That's so great, I can't even fathom that right now. LOL. Too funny about having disney flashbacks. haha. I love the sticker too, I want one! TOO cute! I forgot that I wanted to get a 13.1 sticker for my car after the half... I'll need to get one soon!

  4. Thanks Laura! I was a little worried about the run but it went ok! lol

    I was going to buy myself just a generic sticker for my car and Jason surprised me with that one! I love it!!! :0)

  5. That sticker is to cute!! Awesome job on your run. I was not going to go out and run 5 miles that day. 2 miles for me today though!!

  6. Thanks Kayla! I don't blame you about the weather! If I didn't have a race coming up, I probably wouldn't have gotten out in it either! :0) Good luck this weekend on 5 miles!!


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