Monday, February 1, 2010

It's just a runners world!

I've had my Garmin for almost a year now. Jason bought it for me for our Anniversary last year. It wasn't until yesterday that I actually realized the Garmin's potential! I knew you could download all your activity to the computer but I didn't know how...well, I figured it out yesterday! It's funny to see my numbers over the past year and how I've improved. I could also see my "bad" days which made me laugh! Oh well...we all have them! :0)

I walked 3.25 miles with my mom today. It was cold outside but it was nice walking with her. I like spending time with my mom! :0) She's a neat person to talk to!

When I got home from the Disney World Marathon weekend, I realized I grabbed the wrong bag at packet pickup at the expo. I grabbed a bag from the "Marathon" side instead of the "Half Marathon" side, therefore, the shirt inside the bag was a full marathon shirt with Mickey mouse on it. Last week, I e-mailed Disney sports and told them what happened and today, I came home to a package on my front porch! I not only had 1 Half Marathon shirt, but I had TWO half marathon shirts in the package! YAY!!!! Thank you Disney sports!!! :0)

No other news to report except the latest edition of Runners World magazine came in today! I love that magazine! Yay!


  1. That is awesome about the two shirts!!! What all did you end up figuring out on your garmind from the computer! It is really cool to the progress of your runs. I love looking at it!

  2. i thought i posted a comment earlier but it's not showing up!

    oh well!
    too funny you have never downloaded your garmins tats before!

  3. I keep hearing how great the Garmin is. I have had mine for a few months and only hooked it up to the computer once. I wish I made a greater effort... maybe after the snow melts :)


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