Thursday, February 11, 2010


This morning, I woke up running fever! I'm sick AGAIN! UGH Why me?!? It's all in my sinuses. I'm going to start a new round of antibiotics and take them for 10 days this time and hopfeully that will help me!

I haven't run since Monday and I feel so blah. So I guess this means I probably won't PR in my 5K on Saturday! Oh well...I'm setting a new goal..I want to PR in at least 1 5K this season. There are plenty to run so hopefully I'll make my goal! I'm still debating on doing the 5K on Saturday but knowing me, if the fever is gone tomrorow, I'll probably just rest up and get out there on Saturday and run it. I'm so bad, I know.

I HAVE to feel better before this half marathon at the end of the month! I'm so tired of being sick!!! UGH.


  1. Don't push yourself too hard. Take some time to feel better. But I hear you, I'd be out there running Sat too lol. Best of luck and just enjoy the run, you'll get your PR soon enough. :)

  2. ug I am so sorry! I woke up sick this morning too! we are pathetic! I hope you feel better. don't push it and then take longer to get well!

  3. lol Heather we are so pathetic! lol Oh well...

    MJ, thank you! :0)

  4. I am so proud of how well you did in the race today!! I can not wait to run some of the races in LC. I hope you are feeling better now!


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