Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tired of being Bored!!!!

I called my mom today while I was at work and asked if she wanted to go for a walk tonight. She agreed so that's what we did!

First I got home from work and took a nap for about 45 minutes, then my mom and I went on a 2.5 mile walk with Maddie. We were going to do 3 miles but her foot started hurting so we went back home. It was a GORGEOUS day and the sun was out and shining so we had to go while we had the chance! Everything I have been reading about "Running while sick" mentioned taking 3 days off and seeing how you feel. That's what I did so hopefully my time off will make a difference! I didn't do anything strenuous tonight. My HR didn't even get up so that's good!

I can slowly feel my body getting better. I still have a cough but it's not near what it was. Now it is more like a dry cough. Tomorrow, I'm going to clean the house. It will be three weeks tomorrow since it's been cleaned and it's getting rough. If I wait, I won't be able to do it next Friday cause we are leaving for New Orleans and there's no way I can let my house go THAT long so tomorrow it will be!

10 days to Rock and Roll New Orleans!!!! Woohooo!!


  1. Yeah for cleaning house. Just room at a time. haha I am glad you got to go walk with your mom. I know that is a great thing to share!!

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better and that you were able to clean and go for a walk with your mom! Good luck with your Rock N'Roll in New Orleans, I love all of your running. You always inspire me to keep up with mine. I just signed up for the OC Half Marathon that is in a few months.

  3. yay for a walk! glad you are feeling better. I ahve to clean this weekend, too!

  4. Thanks so much y'all! you are right!!

    Thank you! I'm glad I can be an inspiration! lol YAY for another half marathon!

    Heather, thank you!!

  5. Glad you're feeling a bit better! I'm sure the fresh air while walking helped. :) (Want to come clean my house next?? lol)


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