Saturday, February 13, 2010

So close...yet so far...

Today was the annual Make Your Heart Race 5K. This race is sentimental to me because it was my very first 5K last year. I also work for the hospital that puts it on so it's really an important race for me to participate in.

Well, as you know, I got sick on Thursday. I felt better Friday but not much. Today was the same. I woke up this morning not sure if I was ready to run today. I knew it would be a bad idea to run because for one, I'm sick and for two, it's FREEZING outside. I decided to be a trooper and get up and run anyway. I knew I probably wouldn't get my PR time which was ok with me, but I was CLOSE...VERY CLOSE (8 seconds off)! Afterwards, I took a look at the leaderboard and you know what? I came in FOURTH in my age group! I was excited but bummed at the same time because if I had only run 15 seconds faster, I'd have PR'd AND I would have PLACED in my age division! UGH. Oh well...that's why there is always next time!

That's what I love so much about running...I'm not competeting against anyone else but MYSELF which means I can push myself harder in training to do better next time, and I can push myself harder during the race! (After I recover of course!) In the meantime, I'm going to REST so I can be 100% better Mardi Gras half time!

I'll post pictures of the race tomorrow! :0)

Here's a neat running skirts giveaway...Endurance is Only Physical


  1. That is so great about you getting 4th place. Isn't it great to compete against yourself to make yourself better each time that you run!! I love doing that!! It makes me push harder everytime I run a race!

  2. Wow! Awesome time for being sick!! You'll PR soon enough, don't beat yourself up. You're exactly right, you're racing against yourself, so only you matter. :)

  3. please stay in bed and rest! Don't make me rn the half by myself haha

  4. Thanks so much Kayla, MJ, and Heather!

    I promise I am taking some time off....I will get better this time!!

  5. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but it sounds like the race went amazing anyway and you certainly should be proud of yourself! Good job with your time. Happy Valentine's Day!


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